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What is freedom?

"Without your emotions you are free..."

"My teaching fundamentally is to impart freedom to the people who come to me."

From 'Mystery of Truth' in the 'Love and Truth Trilogy' of videos recorded in Finland 1997.

Do as you do

"I didn't say 'Do what you want...' You can only do as you do when you are responsible for what you do. That eliminates self."

Filmed during a five-day seminar at theGold Coast, Australia, July 2000.

"Everything is God being God. An amazing truth."

From 'Doorway to the Everlasting' (one of a series of five videos 'The Vastness of It All 1.

Pain hurts!

"What hope is there for us? - Only to not do what causes us to suffer. My cows know not to touch the electric fence. But we are so insulated by our self-consciousness that we go on making the same mistakes..."

Filmed during a five-day seminar at the Gold Coast, Australia, July 2000.

"The spiritual life is all about knowing that pain hurts."

From 'Doorway to the Everlasting' (one of a series of five videos 'The Vastness of It All 3. Read the article 'My Cows and the Truth' - mentioned in the video.

The Self

"Love is of life. I'm talking about real love that doesn't change. Love is not of your self. Your self is terrified of love..."

Filmed during a 5-day seminar at the Gold Coast, Australia, July 2000.

"I am here as an external circumstance, summoned by your intelligence to appear in front of you, so that I can hearten you and give you strength. Someone has to tell you the truth... To reveal to you the secret and mystery of God in your inner life."

From 'The Transformation of Self', in the series 'The Vastness of It All 5.

Becoming intelligent

"You attract an intelligence to you and enter a new area of yourself. There are many different levels of intelligence in this existence..."

Filmed at The Master Session, Australia, November, 2001.

"I am an enlightened being. I am already dead. Long dead. I'm in another place... I kill everyone in front of me. When they love God enough they will be changed. That means, when they are intelligent enough, I change them."

From 'The Truth of Death'.

Get rid of anger and guilt

"You have to be intelligent and you have to be willing..."

"There is nothing good in the past - because if I think about the past, inside my system I will be unhappy. I won't be what I am. I will be responding to my old self."

From 'The Master of Love', an interview with Barry Long filmed in Finland in 1997.

Love gets rid of self

"Emotions are selfish - exclusive - whereas love is universal."

"Our society is so ignorant because it uses mind and emotions. If my mind is still, through the practice of the spiritual life as I teach it, then I can perceive straight."

See also videos 'Get rid of anger and grief' and 'Have you suffered enough?'.

From 'The Master of Love', an interview with Barry Long filmed in Finland in 1997.

Have you suffered enough?

"Are you ready to come to your senses?"

"Life is not a perverse thing. It is run by God - a vast intelligence..."

See also videos 'Get rid of anger and guilt' and 'Love gets rid of self'.

From 'The Master of Love', an interview with Barry Long filmed in Finland in 1997.

What's Barry Long say?

Recorded within months of his death, the spiritual master concludes his teaching with two points of practical, spiritual advice.

A last video message from Barry Long - Australian spiritual teacher (1926-2003).

This was intended for broadcast on the internet - a brief statement to emphasise the essential practicality and simplicity of his teachings.

"Always acknowledge the good in your life."

Barry's talk 'Life Is Joy' is being shown currently in an online Film Festival organised by Culture Unplugged. This is the first time a full-length Barry Long DVD has been shown on the internet. See:



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