'If you hear what I am saying, and it echoes what you have known for a long time, you will know you are not an oddity. You want the truth - already in you, waiting to be realised - reflected back to you.'  Barry Long

'First you have to see the truth of what I'm saying. Then all you have to do is live it. For no truth is the truth until it is lived.'  Barry Long

The Origins of Man and the Universe
The Way In
Knowing Yourself
Only Fear Dies
Where the Spirit Speaks to Its Own
Wisdom and Where To Find It
To Man In Truth
Meditation A Foundation Course
Stillness Is The Way
Raising Children in Love, Justice and Truth
A Prayer for Life
Journal Vol 3

A Journey in Consciousness
Start Meditating Now
The Myth Of Life Series
Now - The Secret of Infinity
Barry Long's Epic Spiritual Poems
Gnosis - Direct Knowledge of God
Why on Earth are You Here?
Being Honest to Love
Seeing through Death
Songs of Life
Gold Coast Talks

Everybody's Spiritual Showdown
Being New
The Matrix
God Realisation

What is the Truth?
What Does Barry Long Teach?
The Cosmic Truth
The Essence of This Teaching
Does Barry Long have a Community or Group?
The Truth of Life on Earth
The Living Truth
I Am Here to Help You Realise Unlimited Self-Realisation
Facing Life As It Is
In a World of No Guarantees
The Inspiration
Everybody's Burden
As It Is
Wisdom in 100 Words
Man's Spiritual Challenge
Being Present
My Cows and the Truth
After God Realisation, What Next?
Love is Not a Feeling - The Interview
What it is to Die (as I'm Seeing it)
Original Tantra
The Matrix
'You are a light that is forever…'