One of Barry Long's editors asked for his wisdom in 100 words. This was the result:

Wisdom or truth is the original and natural state of intelligence.
Intelligence is corrupted by likes and dislikes.
The result is the problematical human condition.
Likes are the desire to win and hold onto, and dislikes are the desire not to lose or fail.
Winning means pleasure or elation and losing means annoyance or unhappiness.
When likes and dislikes are dissolved the human condition of fluctuating pleasure and pain vanishes.
An uninterrupted state of equilibrium ­ no ups, no downs ­ is then constant.
And wisdom or truth is the natural expression

Everyone's life consists only of events.
Events are impersonal.
Events are personalised by the mind and emotions and made reasonable and purposeful by likes and dislikes.
Likes and dislikes determine the interests and desires of the person.
Not everyone has the same likes and dislikes which is why some are interested in golf and some are not and some are attracted to people that others are not.

Wisdom in a Further 110 Words

Rendering events reasonable and purposeful requires rational thought.
Rational thought is the futile attempt to make sense of sense or what living is about instead of realising the inexpressible truth behind it.
Rational thought may follow a logical sequence but having begun with an illogical and rational premise ­ that truth is accessible by reasoning ­ the result is a rational and illogical conclusion: an impression, thesis or a theory.
Thus all thinkers and rational people are fundamentally discontented or frustrated in their love lives and in pursuit of their aspirations.
This subconscious disturbance requires continuous compromise and pretence to conceal the fact from others.

Barry Long

© The Barry Long Trust