In My Experience first the mind stops. No more aimless involuntary thought. That happens in existence. Then there's the realisation of immortality (one with all life). Then the realisation of nothing, or God being responsible for everything. Then emptiedness (not emptiness. Emptiness is what people have in the depths of despair when their frustrated desire patterns are choking them. The realised man has been emptied - by grace). Then the realisation of supreme being (which is neither nothing or anything).

All these realisations are of different deepening levels of God beyond physical existence. Life is not in existence.

Nothing or God is not in existence (except as everything). The source of emptiedness is certainly not in existence. Nor is supreme being.

The realisation of divine being at any level has to be brought into existence. Every realised being is doing this through his day-to-day activities. Finally, however, there is a higher purpose - to free the existential being of existence. The existential being is a lower level of the one divine being. The higher has to free the lower.

What we're talking of here is ultimate freedom - or unity of being - beyond the common understanding of these things. Nor is it necessarily in the knowledge of all realised beings. I can only say what is in my experience and therefore of my knowledge.

Freeing the existential being of existence means freedom from the need for recurrence. Recurrence is not the same as the personalised notion of reincarnation. Freedom from recurrence is indeed an all embracing cosmic endeavour, meaning that the result is beyond life and death. As such it is beyond rationality but not beyond divine knowledge.

Free in existence is not the same as free of existence. Free in existence is an inner state of equilibrium that follows a certain depth of divine realisation. Free of existence is the absence of the need of recurrence. It's a mistake to believe that freedom from recurrence simply follows the realisation of God. God is realised out of existence. Freedom from recurrence must be done in existence which is the field of recurrence.

It seems to me that freedom from recurrence is only possible by man who has first attained a level of God realisation equivalent to divine equilibrium. He has to apply the same one-pointedness to the love of the principle of woman as he did to reach the realisation of God that gave him equilibrium - without being put off by the existential being. The principle of woman is God in existence for man. And the existential being exists only because of its blind and self-serving attachment to the sexuality of woman, instead of devotion to the principle within her.

To avoid any erroneous assumptions or pretence of God realisation, divine equilibrium is a constant state free of depression, mood, doubt, fear and excitement. Depression, doubt, mood, fear and excitement are characteristics of unconscious sex.

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