AT PRESENT your realisation is limited to 'I am a disciple', or a student, a follower, or a seeker of truth. And even if you do not quite understand what is being said here, you still have a sense of self-realisation: the changing realisations of yourself as, say, a doctor, business person, parent, lover, pensioner, millionaire. You live your life according to those limitations. It may be true that you are a seeker or a disciple, a parent or a millionaire, but it's not the truth. Such partial realisations are only true for now and don't last. They end, change, retire, grow old or die. The truth is that 'I' in every body do not vary. 'I' do not come and go. Once realised 'I' am changeless, complete, free of limitation. Realising this consciously in your own body is your life-long task and destiny.

'I' can only be realised while you are living here and now. Practise how to be here, now; and from that will flow in time the mastering and mastery of your self. Until you have mastered your self (what else could you be master of?) the master is perpetuated as being apart from you. However, when he appears apart from you in his own living body (here, now) it is part of the divine process. For I always come in person when you are ready to receive me.

©Barry Long. An extract from Barry Long's book The Way In