True love is a knowledge: I love her. To know is to love, to love is to know. Not to know what Einstein's theory is, or how to give way at the next traffic lights, not that sort of learned knowledge. But to know because I truly love her. And although I truly love the woman, it is not the woman that I truly love finally, it is the principle, that demonstrates itself in her, that I love. I don't love anything else, I just love loving her.

Man, do you love loving her? I don't mean just having sex with her, which is a very beautiful thing, but do you enjoy just loving her? Do you enjoy just having breakfast with her? Do you enjoy just being alone with her? Do you enjoy waking up in the morning and putting your arms around her, and how blessed you are to have her there beside you?

Do you love loving her? Well, I don't want to put any futuristic concepts in your head. I'm not trying to make you love like that, I'm just telling you what love is. The human race doesn't love like that but the individual can. The human race doesn't because there's too many distractions, too many other loves. Like your four-wheel drives or your new car. Or surfing. Or going to the pub at night, having a sing-along. So many other things to love!

And finally, when you're going to love the principle of God, which is the principle of Woman and Man, all the distractions disappear: you just love loving, that's all. And you can't possess it: it is your life, to love.

And of course that's the love of God. Isn't it amazing? It comes round to: that's the love of God. Because this principle of Woman and Man, this principle of Adam and Eve, is the principle of God.

Barry Long

© The Barry Long Trust