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First seven issues of 'The Barry Long Bulletin'

Acknowledging Your Purity

After God Realisation, What Next?

As It Is

Aspirant And Practitioner

Being Present

The End of the World and Afterwards

Everybody's Burden

Facing Life As It Is

I Am Here to Help You Realise Unlimited Self-Realisation

In a World of No Guarantees - Radio Interview

The Inspiration

The Living Truth

Love has a Purpose

Love is Not a Feeling - The Article

Love is Not a Feeling - The Interview

Making Love

Man's Spiritual Challenge

The Moment of Stillness

My Cows and the Truth

No, I'm Not Dead

Original Tantra

A Prayer for Life

Real Meditation

Speed of Light Results Under Scrutiny at Cern

Spiritual Enquiry is a Waste of Time

Straightening Your Space

Straight to the Truth


Truth is Not Philosophy

True Tantra


Transforming Sex Into Love

True Love

The Truth of Life on Earth

Truth and the Ignorance of Science Today

What it is to Die

Wisdom in 100 Words

Woman and Love

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