We human beings have been praying since time began. Whatever we’ve been praying for doesn’t seem to have done much good. Is the world as good as it is, or as bad as it is, because of our prayers? Either way it is not much of a recommendation for prayer, is it?

If our prayers ended the last global war fifty odd years ago, whose prayers started it? And as we prayed for peace then did we realise that our prayers would help to build the Bomb and end the war in a flash - by killing and maiming 300,000 people? Now we are praying for world peace again. I wonder what new calamities we’re about to bring down upon the earth?

Do you understand prayer?

Do you know the difference between the force of prayer and the power of prayer?

If you did, the earth and its people would not be in such an awful mess - and be poised on the edge of the ultimate disaster.

I am going to present to you a way of prayer, a new way to pray, a way to save the earth and its people of the future. By helping you to understand prayer and the reality behind what’s happening in the world, I am going to put you in touch with new power within your being.

If you are serious in the search for what is true ­ and who is not searching for it in some way or other? - this tape will bring you closer to the wonder and beauty of life, the life within you ­ which is life on earth.

Barry Long

An extract from Barry Long's book: 'A Prayer for Life' published in 2002

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