This article was written 3 years before Barry Long's death

A RUMOUR was reported from Canada the other day that Barry Long had died. It probably started with the death of an associate a couple of weeks ago. Four of us men in the teaching had cancer. The first died in February. Then the other. And now the two of us remaining are waiting to see who will be the last man standing.

I'm 74 and have had the cancer for six years. But I'm still vital and doing well physically. I've got a full program as you can see by looking at my meeting calendar.

There's no doubt I'm looking death in its phoney grim eye. Someone suggested I ought to write something for the website for after I'm dead. I'd rather write something now. All I've got to say when I'm dead is in my books, tapes and videos. And in what follows.

Being 74, and with death already in my body, puts me in a rather favoured position. I can say things that younger thrusters couldn't get away with. At least I think I can. Anyway, I've got a message for some God-realised men. This is a daunting task. God-realised men can be the hardest people in the world to tell anything because they have the rarest knowledge, God knowledge. But fundamentally they're humble men and if they know you know what you're saying they'll listen at least.

The message is only for some realised men because as you'll see from reading on, not all God-realised men have realised the same level of God or consciousness. Anyone reading on can learn something. But God realisation at any level is pretty powerful knowledge and at times in this piece I go well beyond normal comprehension.

You might ask at the end of it, 'What's the point?' There's no point. It's an idea. And you either get the idea or you don't.

After God Realisation, What Next?

Barry Long

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