Everybody is psychological, some intellectual and mental as well. The intellectual and mental includes ideas, concepts, interpretations, images, rational or logical reasoning, and worry. It can be pretty much circumvented. But the psychological is there until death. By psychological is meant any reflection of existence in inner space. All of which disappear at the blessed moment of physical death.

Inner space is that holy of holies made precious by everyone of us in existence. Inner space is where we participate in, or partake in, all the above. Inner space also is where all the precious spiritual masters (including BL) have their realisations of God or the Unknown. As these occur in inner space which at its extremity ends in nothing, they are still psychological - for every master remembers some of his realisation and memory is part of the psychological, the burden of existing.

Anyone who says existing is not a burden is either a fool, young or not yet afflicted by the inevitable physical afflictions of having been born. Masters who say they are not burdened would have to add, 'not yet'. Otherwise they must join the first category of knowledgeable fools. What such men would be referring to of course would be abiding in the inner space of having realised Nothing - an undeniable abstract place of equilibrium in inner existence. For existence comprises outer space of the apparent universe and abstract inner space extending from the common affliction of thought and worry, through decreasing mental and emotional activity, to the final extremity of the uninterrupted realisation of knowledge-without-knowing of nothing.

The 'highest/deepest' realisation, the ultimate (which I humbly submit to have realised by Grace) may imply nothing more is possible because it's Nothing and because nothing distracting arises thereafter. But that is in an inner sense. The outer sense of physical body ­ circumstances and the forces associated with having a separate body or existence ­ continues, and continues inexorably until physical death. In short, while alive all return to outer existence.

So much for the ultimate truth that psychological men and women may realise in separative bodies. But what about the absolute? Folly to speak of that until you're dead.

Barry Long

© The Barry Long Trust