Barry Long's prophecy: written 1985, updated 2002, republished online 2012.

There have been many prophecies about the coming end of time, or the end of the world. Barry Long also prophesied an end to the world as we know it. In 1985, when he was writing about prayer, he also referred to the inevitable end of our civilisation. He read and recorded these writings on a cassette tape called 'The End of the World'. The text was later published as 'The Way of Prayer' and included in a book, 'The Way In'. He said that one day he would have more to say about who and what would survive the end of the world. That day came in 2002, a year before he died. These late writings were included along with the original text in the book 'A Prayer For Life' . . .

Barry LongMUCH OF WHAT I am going to say will be unsettling and disturbing. It will linger in you. To the extent that you are real it will keep coming up in your awareness and cause a lot of self-searching. In what follows I am making a positive statement about life now, and the future of life on earth, but in the present depressed condition of humanity it is likely to be perceived as negative.

The world as we know it is finished. There is going to be an awful wipe-out. Just about all the earth’s population will be destroyed. But not quite all. The human race will survive.

The end can come any day. No day is safe any more. The days used to be safe before we produced the technological and biological means of global destruction. Ever since those inventions, the margin of time has been closing. Now, apart from the daily period of waiting, time’s up. There is no escape. It’s heads down for all of us.

All that can be done in the world has been done. Whatever is done now will be just another move in the step towards the end. Things can’t get better except in the imagination and the daily media. All the peace movements, all the leaders, prime ministers, presidents and armies - even the loftiest and most selfless actions - can’t prevent what’s coming.

Do you want to argue that what I’m saying isn’t true? Do you want to stop reading and try to push the whole thing out of your mind? Or go merrily on your complacent way, imagining it’s okay - that someone or something will work it out and save the day? This is not a bad dream that you’re going to wake up from. It’s real. Please look at it.

Many people will be dismayed by what I am saying. That is unavoidable. But I want to help you to see and understand what is going on, for it is because you have not faced up, not understood the world - have confused the world with the earth - that you are now frightened or apprehensive. I didn’t invent the peril; you don’t get dismayed or frightened by fiction. It’s the authenticity of the situation, presented without any fantasy of escape, that is dawning on you - penetrating you. As a spiritual teacher it is my responsibility to reveal to you the truth. I am telling you the truth of the world and what’s going to happen - and it may happen any day now.

When you look closely at what I’m saying you’ll see it’s not so different to what the more reflective people of the earth have been saying for years: if you don’t desist you’re going to blow us all up. Well, we haven’t desisted and I’m telling you it’s now too late for the ‘if’ - the hope.

In this world we live on hope. To live in the world we have to . . . And I have removed the hope. Did you really have any hope before I spoke? Of course not. There’s no hope in this world - because you’re going to die.

Like the world, you can die any day. But you keep yourself from going mad with the thought of this by living in hope, in the fantasy that you’ll die in some distant tomorrow. The fact that the world is now about to die too, is really incidental. It’s terrifying because it means you’ve run out of tomorrows, run out of world to escape into.

How can you go on in the world if it’s going to end? You go on exactly as you are. Nothing’s changed. How did you go on each day before, when you knew you were going to die?

I am not going to give you hope. But I am going to give you more of the truth, which is the strength of life.

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