From the 17-day Master Session 1995, Cabarita Beach, Australia

Now! No more negativity. From this moment on, no more negativity. Let me explain what negativity is. I know you know what negativity is – but you don’t know the subtlety of it. Negativity is any talk or thought about your own incapacity to find the truth. Negativity is any despair in you, ‘I can’t do it. No matter how hard I try I can’t do it.’ Negativity is, ‘I am so dense, I am so unenlightened, I am so this, I am so that.’ That is negativity. And do you know who is speaking? It is the talker – a very dangerous animal. Really, it is not even worthy of being called an animal. It is a subconscious condition of pain and lack of communication that’s inside every one of us, and has been, for a long, long time.

Once, when man and woman really loved, there was no talker. No one ever spoke. There was no need to speak because we communicated in love. And love is not the sentimental love, the missing love, the suffering love, the sorrowful love – that’s not love. We were in love, meaning we were in the golden orb that I speak about in the Making Love tapes – of communication, of love without having to say anything, or be anything, or do anything. We were already there, so you knew precisely what I needed, and if I needed anything from your point of view, then you would provide it for me, or I for you. In that way we communicated through love, for love is the finest communication there is. Love is absence, love is not a presence of anything. Love is the reverse of what the human mind thinks it is.

Now what is absence, really? Absence begins with a lack of self-condemnation because you can’t be absent if you are condemning yourself. You can’t be absent if you are criticising yourself. You can’t be absent if you are despairing of how slow your progress is in the truth. That’s not absence. That’s a presence of the speaker, of the negative one, the one that’s crucifying everybody on earth. No more negative talk about yourself, please! No more!

So what is the alternative to this? That I can hold to? The answer is very, very subtle and I am going to try and impart to you this enormous subtlety that is a replacement for this negativity that your mind is going to think or speak. Each of you to be here, loves the truth, although you might not know all the time that you love the truth. For some of you, it’s even translated into that other word ‘God’. In loving the truth, you love God, and in loving God all of you love life, because that’s why you are here, because you love. Now, that is your purity. The talker is always emphasising the negative, but how about acknowledging the purity? Every single one of you has purity. It is obscured by this negative thinker and talker that talks so much rubbish about itself. As soon as it talks about itself, you will find it is not long before it starts to bring despair and despondency and depression.

Stay with the acknowledgment of your purity. How do I do that? Because purity is nothing, you see. It’s your love of truth. Your love of truth is so subtle, so fine, that you can’t talk about it. All you can say is, ‘I love the truth. I’m not sure what the truth is, but I love it.’ You only need to do that, and in that moment of loving the truth or acknowledging your purity – you’re absent. There is a great absence in you because you don’t know what you are loving, you don’t know who’s loving, all you know is, ‘I just love it. I will never give up because I can’t stay away from it. I just love it.’ That’s your purity. That’s the purity of love. That’s the purity of humility. That’s the purity of giving up the speaker, the thinker, the talker, the negative one, who will always be negative. All talk turns to negativity or talk about rubbish, unless I am praising my purity.

Now, do you want to know what purity is again? Because it slips off the mind like water off a duck’s back. You are here because you love something. Something that is inexplicable. Not someone, something that’s sort of nothing. You truly love it and you have never been able to give it up, and no matter what you do, somehow or other, it keeps calling you back, and the only thing that ruins it is the thinker. But you’re not that! You are the love of this extraordinary thing that you cannot name.

Barry Long

Extract from the new Audio Acknowledging your Purity

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