A scientific revolution is about to begin which will transform the world. But it will not take place in the laboratories; it will start in the minds of certain scientists in the new century. The Australian spiritual teacher Barry Long says this shift of perception marking the birth of real science is essential to the evolution of consciousness on earth.

Barry Long Before we enter the 21st century and the new millennium of space travel, I would like to tell you the truth of the universe. What I'm about to say is not religious. Religious belief is not universal so it can't be the truth.

The truth of the universe is self evident and should be common knowledge to all. The fact that it’s not is due to the false notions of life and the universe purveyed by contemporary science, and society's unquestioning acceptance of these notions as the truth. As I will show, science as we know it today is immature; and scientific thought is illogical.

Contemporary science clearly has its place in our lives. It's the practical engine and vehicle of material progress, producing comfort and convenience for better and for worse. But in 200 years of unprecedented progress science has not kept up with our increasing demand for truth. With its materialist mentality science pursues fact instead of truth, progress instead of reality; and is unable to tell the difference.

When science does attempt to address the truth of the universe it falls into the lifeless abstractions of its habitual blinkered thinking. Its blackboard models are meaningless to you and me, as is the artificial language needed to understand them: no simple ordinary man or woman can. Mention love, truth, or death and the vast world-authority of scientific knowledge is suddenly struck dumb - dumbfounded evidently that people should be concerned with such irrelevant universal questions. But if life is not about truth and love here now (and the meaning and practical application of love and truth) what is it about?

For centuries it was thought religion had the answer. But religion is the failed science of yesterday. Like science today, religion failed to keep up with the increasing discernment of humanity by failing in its promise to answer the universal questions and so lost its power to control and manipulate. Science took over as the new world religion and by explaining things the old priesthood couldn't, it became the new way of thinking and believing. Now it too has failed. Not only is science unable to answer the perennial universal questions, it can't even explain the main outstanding and recurring universal event of modern life. This is the appearance of UFOs, unidentified flying objects witnessed and identified by ordinary people all over the world as alien spacecraft. But mention UFOs and science is again absolutely dumb; the scientists are incapable of intelligent response, except for ridiculing the intelligence of thousands of ordinary men and women who over three generations have attested unequivocally to witnessing this extraordinary universal phenomenon.

The solution to the UFO mystery, and to all the universal questions, lies in consciously seeing and realising the truth of the universe. That truth is:


There is simply no 'out there', or 'out here'. The physical universe exists only inside your physical brain. Without a physical brain there is no physical universe. This - the truth of the universe - is logically unarguable.

Science, as it is now, can't and won't face this irrefutable truth. Scientists continue to investigate the physical 'out there', instead of the truth, the intelligence, behind its appearance. The result is that the people are kept in the dark - the modern dark ages of the scientific world priesthood.

Science itself has shown us that when a small section of the brain controlling the sense of sight is removed or damaged the visible image of the universe ceases. When one by one the other sense-centres of the brain (controlling sound, smell, balance, taste, touch and memory) are immobilised, the physical universe gradually and finally vanishes, along with any remaining sense of 'out there' or 'out here'. When we go to sleep or unconscious - when our intelligence withdraws from the senses - the universe again disappears. Wake up, as we do every morning by coming to our senses (or into our brain), and the universe appears. - No brain, no universe.

Behind the brain, deep inside our non-sensory psyche, is the formless energetic universe. This is the indescribable reality or truth behind all we see. The real intelligence of the brain is not what we call our reasoning mind. That is merely its projected reflection or shadow. The real intelligence of the brain is completely focused on the energetic reality behind our sensory perception. The brain responds to the beauty of this reality with the inspired frenzy of a true artist. But instead of working in oils or clay, the brain uses the medium or stuff of sense. Ceaseless and tireless, it toils and strives to reproduce in sensory form the splendour it is perceiving. The endless result is the magnificent physical universe we see around us. Nevertheless, nothing in it is real so nothing lasts.

The real universe behind the brain and senses can't be defined. But it's always there. We feel it as our deepest private longing for love and truth or fulfilment; and we know it (and do not doubt it) in those extraordinary moments when we are in touch with the wonder and beauty of life.

Space, matter, time, distance, form and thought are all effects of the brain. When the scientist earnestly delves into the physical universe looking for its beginning, extent and end, he is looking for the beginning, extent and end of the effects of his own brain - our common brain evolved and born on earth. While the scientist is alive there seems no end to the universe of the brain's effects. But this doesn’t last long since neither his brain nor his universe is real. He dies; and with his brain dies his universe. - No brain, no universe.


I am not going to give you hope. But I am going to give you more of the truth, which is the strength of life.

Life is only within. And that life is the reality behind all the forms in the physical universe, starting with your own body. That life, when the form or physical brain dies, is the reality of death. Forms of life obviously are not life itself. This means no scientist (or anybody else) despite all the claims, has ever studied life on earth. They have only studied forms of life.

The illogicality and immaturity of contemporary science allows scientists to persist in studying forms of life and formal effects without first investigating the real thing - the reality or consciousness within their own form. This is despite the fact that quantum mechanics, the mathematical tool of modern physics, tells the scientists who use it that the observer has an essential influence on any experimental result. In other words, the physical reality is affected by the consciousness attempting to measure it.

One physicist who acknowledges this and doesn't go along with his colleagues' evasion is Dr. Brian McCusker, Emeritus Professor of Physics from Sydney University. He says: "lf the observer must be part of the experimental result (as quantum theory shows) then it is essential to study the observer. But physicists refuse to investigate themselves as observers because that would scare them witless and challenge their belief system." (interviewed in Simply Living magazine).

The dogged refusal of contemporary science to face the fundamental truth of life and the physical universe has affected the thinking of everybody in the modern world. Now everyone thinks like the scientists. And in keeping with their flawed logic we all ignore, or fail to see, the primary fact.


Science prides itself on mathematical logic. But it's the mathematics that are logical, not the scientists. The scientists are rational. That means they first make a subjective or rational choice of what to study and then apply the logic of mathematics. That's cheating. Logic puts first thing first. And the first thing to study is the observer; or as I would say, the subjectivity or rationality of the scientist himself or herself. Only then can the truth behind the form or the brain - the truth of the universe - be revealed or realised. In this lies the dilemma and approaching breaking point of current scientific thought.

It is the intermittent appearance of UFOs that most obviously challenges modern science. The 'alien spaceships' have been described, often sketched and sometimes photographed by thousands of people the world over, including pilots, police and others respected for their intelligence and practical good sense. The unexplained flying objects perform in ways that defy all normal experience of speed and motion. Many people report being subjected to terrifying encounters with forces directed at them or their vehicles by the phenomena. And there are increasing reports of associated 'abductions' accompanied by unexplained loss of consciousness. Yet evidently there has not been one scientist among all the witnesses; or not one brave enough to make a personal public declaration on behalf of science and risk the inevitable ridicule of his or her blinkered colleagues. Meanwhile the global UFO phenomenon is not going to go away.


Barry Long

There is a logical explanation for UFOs. It begins as I've said with the realisation that the physical universe and everything in it is a sensory creation of the physical brain born on earth. Since everything seen with our senses is a product of the earth-brain there can be no alien life or alien life forms 'out there'. Any forms that do appear, such as alien spaceships, must still be part of the earth-brain and life on earth. That's logical.

So what's the explanation? The alien spaceships and their crews originate in the formless energetic reality behind the brain of the people seeing them, This is the impersonal subconscious of the human race as a whole. It contains the past, present and future of humanity. It is pure energy without form and a far swifter time than our sensory awareness can register, or our reason explain. As pure energy has no form or image, in order to appear in the much slower time of sensory awareness it has to be 'substantiated'; that is, stepped down in speed several times.

Travelling up out of the depths of the impersonal subconscious at a velocity greater than the speed of light, the energy of the spaceships and their crews enters the much slower time of the personal subconscious of the people about to see the spacecraft. Here in the personal subconscious (beneath our surface minds and memory) the pure energy of the space visitors is converted by the brain into recognisable sen-sory forms stored from past experience. Four hundred years ago the energy may have appeared as a sailing ship in the sky, or 1000 years ago as a host of angels. Today the image of a flying saucer with windows is a commonly stored concept; but the energy won't necessarily appear in the same way to all who witness it. More or less detail will vary the impression of the image. Some people may see only a moving light or weird glow; others see alien figures. Or there may be just a disturbing feeling in the personal subconscious - the vibration of emotion is the slowest time of all.

People caught in the overlap between the 'other worldly' impersonal energy and the actual physical reality can undergo disorienting and even terrifying effects. These include incidents of molecular transformation - objects or individuals pass through solid walls. 'Am I awake or dreaming?' is the poignant cry. But no one gives any answers. The experience of simultaneous sensory and non-sensory activity is nonsense to the conventional scientific mind but for those involved such happenings are weirdly authentic They are more real than all the latest activity of the scientific community - more real because they occur in a faster, more profound time.


The energy of the spacecraft and the intelligence behind them is our limited human intelligence speeded up in a more profound time or future. There, through the practice of real science we have already discovered how to exceed the speed of light. Today our common consciousness operates well below it. Science knows (but chooses to ignore) that anything operating below the speed of light is in the past. So we live in the past. This turgid thinking keeps humanity trapped in matter and materialism with all its woeful planetary and social problems.

Scientific thinking at any time indicates the highest common level of thought. No invention of science has yet surpassed the speed of light - which confirms human thought is still below that speed. Technology at any time reflects the speed of the intelligence behind its inventions, so the technology of UFOs and the intelligence behind it (commonly called Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) functions beyond the speed of light. In this way the universal intelligence behind the UFOs has power over sensory matter and its technology can traverse at will the divide between the real universe within (where it originates) and the material 'outer' universe (where our senses are). It can emerge energetically from the timeless universe (invisible to us), manifest briefly in our sluggish time and then vanish at incomprehensible speed back to where it always is.

The practice of real science begins with facing the truth of the universe - the truth within the observer. The deplorable problems on earth of wars, violence, cruelty, sexual ignorance, genocide, pollution, destruction and starvation of half the world's population can't change until science undergoes a revolutionary transformation, from the past to the present, from the rational to the logical. The first sign that the revolution has started will be a global split in the scientific community between those who want the truth and those who don't. Psychologically this will be a violent time for everyone, a bitter polarisation, as in any world conflict.

But as the visiting spaceships show, in the profound future the victory is already won and real science has triumphed. It just has to happen here. And that, as always, is only a matter of time.

Barry Long

Originally published as an advertisement in the Weekend Australian 10-11 June 1995

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