Wisdom and Where To Find It

ISBN 978-1-899324-01-9

Why am I alive? What is of real value? When the world no longer holds the answers we turn within ourselves and question conventional wisdom. The challenge then is to find the truth. In this book Barry Long speaks to people in search of self-knowledge and provides that essential reflection of truth. There are five chapters, each based on a talk in which Barry Long addresses fundamental questions about the purpose and meaning of life. The talks were given when the author first declared himself a spiritual teacher in 1968 and spring from the experience of ‘the mystic death’ which he had undergone. As timeless and relevant as ever, the book examines the moral dilemmas provoked by the suffering in this world and the problem of choice in the ‘choiceless’ spiritual life. Practical advice is given on how to face the truth through meditation and self-observation. In the form of a discourse with questions and answers, this book is for anyone who would know the truth and fact of life, who senses that truth is not bound by ethical, moral or philosophical concepts. With Barry Long, you leap far beyond the conventional mind into the realm of pure self-knowledge.

Also available in Dutch.

‘A very wise book.’ , NEW AGE GUARDIAN [Aus]