Where the Spirit Speaks to Its Own

ISBN 978-1-899324-16-3

‘I must go, where the four winds blow, where the spirit speaks to its own. For now I am free, like the wind I must be, and help the others home.’

When Barry Long uttered these words, forty years ago, he had no idea of what was to come. Now we know because his spiritual teaching has gone to the four corners of the earth, and he has fulfilled the mission of every spiritual master by helping the others home. This place, eternity, our true home, is the cause of such longing that it famously inspires the mystic and the poet. This book is the expression of that mystic call and a song of praise to the source of all spiritual inspiration. It contains poems and verses Barry Long wrote on his personal journey home, accompanied by autobiographical notes. It’s a unique testimony by a modern mystic, revealing the source of his inspiration as a spiritual master, which, as for any true mystic, is total devotion to the divine. And since the inspiration is absolutely impersonal, this is a book with the power to touch every reader who has ever known that same longing who can hear the spirit speaking to its own.

‘Barry Long's poetic insights into his journey of enlightenment over three decades are intimate and moving. They express a great depth of love and passion in words that have the power to shock you awake and cause you to question who you are. I remain impressed and encouraged by his total honesty in confronting both the light and the dark sides of ourselves.’ , CONSCIOUS LIVING [Aus]