The Truth of Death

'Physical death is to die into God. Just as space is everywhere here and you can never get away from it, in physical death - where you have no more senses and no more world in you - you are in original space, inner space. And that is God.'

Barry Long died psychologically many years ago, long before the death of his physical body. He realised death as life. As a result, he has the extraordinary authority to convey the idea of death to others. This changes people at the most fundamental level. The world is a place of complication and fear of death. Inevitably this colours our view of death. Barry Long approaches the subject from the other side, from the transcendental beauty of death, and in doing so he transforms the listener's perception. His message is clear, 'Everybody wins in the end.' • Live meeting. The Master Session, Australia. November, 2001.

54 minutes