To Woman In Love

ISBN 978-0-9508050-8-5

To Woman In Love is a book of letters about love, its pain and transcending beauty, written by women in different countries - and Barry Long’s replies. The women speak of their love and their pain, despair and doubt; and reveal their extraordinary courage and passion in being true to love. Barry Long answers by speaking intimately to them about their fight for recognition, their struggle with sexuality and the dishonesty of men. All the emotional tides of woman’s life are here: the jealousies, infatuations and traumas, health problems and eating disorders, menstruation and menopause, separation and loss - and all relationships, from first love through motherhood to old age. This book is one man’s compassionate recognition of what woman is. Speaking to the one Woman in every woman, it is a love letter to the divine.

Also available in German, Finnish and Portuguese.

‘A work of love and honesty.’ , SOUTHERN CROSSINGS [Aus]

‘To Woman In Love is so deep and wide in its content that one can read it over and over again and find new realisations every time.’ , POLKU [Finland]