To Man in Truth

ISBN 987-1-899324-15-6

This is a book of letters to Barry Long from men living a spiritual life, and his guidance and advice to them regarding how to be ever more real in an increasingly superficial world. The book is full of practical insights on how men can lead a more enlightened life - and shows what women should be asking of a truly ‘new man’. It’s a direct response to the predicament of living a spiritual life in the world of work, family and especially in relationships with women. Far from advocating withdrawal from the world - or separating God from the apparently mundane - Barry Long encourages and inspires men to use everyday life and particularly their partnerships as a means of spiritual realisation. For Barry Long the myth of the noble or wild man is not a fiction; he challenges men to live the heroic myth and shows practically how it can be done. The book brings to life man’s noble endeavour to live in this radically new way, and acts as an inspiration to male and female readers alike.

‘Long replies with words that ring like sound advice for all people living in our culture — both men and women. It is refreshing to read someone who speaks lovingly.’ , CONSCIOUS LIVING [Aus]