There is No Spiritual Path - You Don't Need It


Woman must be mastered by man who knows what he is doing – Jade speaks to woman on position and place of love in dealing with man – Are you in your place? – Situation of man and woman – Going into Me: a sacred place, I the subject disappears – Universal truth of giving – Woman: demand and insecurity – Courtesy and politeness – Being true to the situation – I cannot compare my life with another – My place is my life – Getting it right with mum, dad and work – Dying: the primitive sacrifice of life – Glamour: flowing gowns in the ashram.

Addresses young girls on the nature of woman and being true to love – One life: previous life and origins of life on earth – Glamour, ecstasy and equilibrium – Spiritual names and attachment to the master – Children copying adults – East and West: cults – Masters: ‘Never Born - Never Died’ video – The Heart: broken, organic, human and pure – Getting rid of self and mood – Dishonesty in love: man loving more than one woman – Going into Me: blessed relief of not having to be anything – Getting my life right: based on the situation, not feelings – Grace and love – Surrender and knowledge.

PART ONE and PART TWO are both included in the download. An unedited live talk, recorded on The Gold Coast Australia, 23 January 1993. Approximately 3 hours. Please note: When Barry Long speaks of ‘going into me’ he is referring to me in the body reading these words. This audio programme includes periods of silence for ‘going into me’. Formerly issued as an audio tape set under the title: Living The Truth, part of the Gold Coast Talks series. A live, unedited talk.

180 minutes