The Way In

ISBN 978-0-9508050-5-4

Radical, challenging, liberating - this book is uncompromising in delivering the truth. As you read you are freed of spiritual misconceptions and sentimental culture. And as each pillar of ignorance is removed, the way to the spirit - through the ways of truth, love, stillness, and prayer - becomes increasingly clear. Eventually you are taken from the way in to the way out, where the final or highest truth - life lived in the full knowledge of the vastness of God - is found. With plain statements of essential truth this book brings the spiritual dimension to every aspect of your life.

This simple to read, yet spiritually advanced book offers immense insight into the truth within us . . . Chapter by chapter, page by page, word by word, we are taken into the uncharted depths of spiritual being . . . Any person who reads this book will come to see that Masters do exist among us.’ , GOLDEN AGE [Aus]