The Eindhoven Teachings 1998

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'Being is before the big bang of experience, of living, of wanting, of trying, of existence . . .'

Barry’s residential seminar in Eindhoven in The Netherlands in 1998 was special because it was his last public meeting in Europe. More than 600 people attended from all over the world. In twelve sessions he invites us to rescue love and romance from the current human condition and from the corruption of sexuality. He unravels the complexity of the man-woman relationship in many ways. Some of his themes: Love in our world as it is; true intimacy; the real possibility of a trouble-free relationship and the link between thinking and suffering. Another theme of this seminar is the importance of being easy in the body. As the sessions continue, he leads his audience into ever-deeper relaxation and stillness. Nobody knew at the time that this would be his last major teaching event in Europe. Another residential course was planned for 1999 but was cancelled when it became clear that Barry’s health would not allow it. So these last twelve sessions represent the summation and final phase of his work outside Australia.

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The Innocence of Not-Knowing


'If I asked your wife, how's your love-life? What would she say? I know what she would say. I've heard it all around the world. You can't love two things; you only think you can. So you divide yourself. To love your business and to love your lover – disaster! You can do your business, you can attend to it, but you cannot become identified with it and love it. It will fail you, as it fails everybody. How come? Well, if you don't get broke, you're going to get a stroke. If you don't get a stroke, something else will happen to you in this existence, because nothing lasts here – nothing. The only thing that lasts is true love and truth. Rightness and true goodness – that lasts. Everything in existence must age and then pass away. But those things don't pass away.'

Session one of The Eindhoven Teachings 1998

Nature and the Earth


'You can’t find God or Truth unless you embrace life. And the life closest to us is nature and this beautiful planet.'

Session two of The Eindhoven Teachings 1998

Beyond Feeling


‘If you ask me, what about joy, isn’t that a feeling, I would say, of course not. Joy is not an interpretation. Joy is a state, given by the great divine creator. Inside my body there is a thing called joy, it’s a state in me. It’s a constant state …, not a condition, like a feeling. … It’s just a still silent state of joy, like wellbeing. Wellbeing, that is in every creature on earth, that allows a cow just to lie down and chew its cud, that allows the animals once they had their meal to lie down in the sun or go to sleep. Wellbeing, you see, no problem inside, no emotions, no feelings.’

Session three of The Eindhoven Teachings 1998

Before the Big Bang


'Being is before the big bang of experience, of living, of wanting, of trying, of existence.'

Session four of The Eindhoven Teachings 1998

How to Have a Trouble-Free Love


'Everyone’s dream is to become as one but they are not prepared to give up the thing that divides and makes two or three.'

Session five of The Eindhoven Teachings 1998

Living without Effort


'Meditation is an activity. Being is cessation. Being is the state of effortless living and effortless life. Being is the uninterrupted state of having no more questions in your entire life, because you know that if you needed to know anything, you would be informed from within and without. Very few in the human race know what cessation is. It is the purity of being nothing within. A cessation of all movement of the mind. We are endeavouring to practise not an activity but a negation of activity.'

Session six of The Eindhoven Teachings 1998

The Biggest Yes


“The state of being is the most natural state on earth. In being there is no disturbance.”

Session seven of The Eindhoven Teachings 1998

118 minutes

Woman is the Prize


“Woman is the greatest myth of all.”

Session eight of The Eindhoven Teachings 1998

122 minutes

Being, not Human Being


“Humanity is always doing something that causes unhappiness and heartbreak to others and to the whole of the race. ... The first thing in the spiritual life is to give up your humanness, so you get up here into just being the body with nothing in it.”

Session nine of The Eindhoven Teachings 1998

122 minutes

The Pure Psyche


The subconscious of man and woman is a demonstration of his and her creativity. My goodness! So it is filled with junk, unhappiness, weeping, worry, doubt, fear and if I am the victim of those things then it will be given to me on and on and on until I come to my senses and say, I have to do something about this. When I do that, what I have to do then, is clear my own personal psyche, that which I have made since I was born. The other psyche, the main psyche, the society’s psyche, the racial psyche goes back as far as time begins. But it is of God’s love, that I am not trapped in the world psyche. I am not trapped in it, I have an escape, because I have my own personal psyche, the psyche of my life, that I have put into it. The job of the spiritual life, you must have got the idea by now, is to clear my own psyche of all this rubbish.

Session ten of The Eindhoven Teachings 1998

112 minutes

Getting your Life Right


'How can you be still if your life is not right?'

Session eleven of the Eindhoven Teachings 1998

124 minutes

The Next Step in Evolution


'That's the next evolutionary step, to give up emotion and to embrace the consciousness of love, clarity, rightness, nothing that's invented, no imagination. To embrace love in my life by getting rid of my selfish emotions now. I don't need them anymore. They are compelling, I know, because they've been in the human race for a great purpose, but that purpose is done, has been served. . . . We are not going to grow another arm or another head, the body is finished.... But it's what's inside the body, that's where the evolution is taking place. And it is time now to replace those selfish feelings and interpretations of life with life direct. Life direct is the love I am talking of, the equilibrium, the ability to see straight.'

Session twelve of the Eindhoven Teachings 1998 Please note: When Barry Long speaks of 'me' he is referring to me in the body reading these words.

122 minutes