Ten Thousand Puddles, One Moon


All emotion is past; thinking arises from the past – Joy is always now – Why am I emotional? – Facing the living past with honesty – Me, the source of honesty; my self, the troublemaker – My self uniting with Me – Going into Me: coming home – One sense divided into the five senses – Returning home, new vitality in your life – Human mind and divine mind: sense of senses, only one Me – Divine mind: pure intellect, purifying the mind – Self ruins my body – Giving: the solution to every problem.

Pure intellect, the will and willingness – Wasting energy: you know what you should give up – Divine will: harmony in all aspects of your life – Wanting and giving, taking and receiving – Aligning with the divine will – One-pointedness – All of my life is my God – God is giving – Going into Me: object and subject disappear - Being seen, acknowledgement – Seeing through death – Nothing happens until the time is right – About relaxation and visualisation – Studying without unhappiness – Live just one thing you know to be the truth.

PART ONE and PART TWO are both included in the download

An unedited live talk, recorded on The Gold Coast Australia, 6 March 1993. Approximately 3 hours. Please note: When Barry Long speaks of ‘going into me’ he is referring to me in the body reading these words. This audio programme includes periods of silence for ‘going into me’. Formerly issued as an audio tape set under the title: Living The Truth, part of the Gold Coast Talks series. A live, unedited talk.

180 minutes