Straightening Your Space


'When we get rid of the emotion, get rid of the wanting, get rid of the trying, get rid of the searching, then there is an idea which consists of nothing but space.'

Space. We can attack it from various aspects. But the space that you are trying to straighten out is the space that you take with you wherever you go. All your meditations, all your routing out of the past, all your endeavour to make your body rhythmical which is what happens when it loses its emotion, has a corresponding effect on your space. Most men’s space is twisted, distorted, a time web of emotion. He doesn’t know what he wants, he only knows that he wants. He doesn’t have any right values because he wants so many things and you can’t have right values while you want.

• Live recording. London, United Kingdom. 26 October 1977

Over 30 years old, the original tape suffered from massive print through and noise. We have digitally enhanced the audio so that the voices are loud and clear, but some unnatural background noise still remains.

120 minutes