Stillness Is The Way

ISBN 978-0-9508050-4-7

‘You can’t realise love or yourself until you are still enough to drop down through the restlessness and frustrations into that deeper level of your being.’

This is a record of three days of teaching by Barry Long, resulting in a complete workbook for you to use in your own time. You are shown how to penetrate the source of restlessness and enter the depths of sensation within your body. You can read it cover to cover as an inspiring guide to self-knowledge or you can use it step-by-step as an actual meditation course. As the book includes dialogues with the original participants, the questions that inevitably arise are answered in the text. Stillness Is The Way takes you right through the process of meditation to the simple being of yourself where formal meditation is surpassed.

Also available in German.

It is thrilling to discover a reliable guide upon this path of meditation, Barry Long, a remarkable teacher whose words have the certainty of a deeply realised being.’, MEDITATION MAGAZINE [USA]

‘For anyone seriously interested in self-discovery . . . a treasury of insight and guidance.’, HEALTH AND HEALING [Aus]