Start Meditating Now

‘Meditation is the art of entering your own unconscious. Your unconscious is inside your body. It is a place of extraordinary stillness and creativity. When you reach it you will know that learning to meditate was the most important move you ever made.’

Whether you are a complete beginner or have meditated before, Barry Long’s spoken instruction takes you steadily into more and more stillness. This carries over into your daily life as a sense of greater well-being • Tape One: Start Meditating Now - Why you should meditate and how: from the basic practice of sitting, breathing, and ‘letting go’, to the art of simply being ‘now’ without problems • Tape Two: How To Stop Thinking - Demonstrates that nearly all thinking is unnecessary; enables you to separate from habitual thought and worry. The ten lessons on this extraordinary tape undermine the thinker in you, to free your pure awareness.