A Prayer for Life

ISBN 978-1-899324-17-0

This book examines why our civilisation is being shaken, where humanity makes its mistakes and predicts the outcome. Barry Long’s radical message is a prayer for a new life on earth and includes a new and energetic revelation of life lived in realisation of God, beyond anything that can be imagined today.

Also available in German and Spanish.

‘Refreshing in its simplicity. A book that can be enjoyed by individuals of all religious persuasion, including those who feel they have none. Long’s simple message pierced my cynical armour.’ , NOVA HOLISTIC JOURNAL [Aus]

‘Clear, precise and very direct. Highly recommended.’, GOLDEN AGE [Aus]

Some of the material in this book was originally issued as an audio tape in 1984 ‘The End of the World’ and was included in ‘The Way In’ Prompted by the events of 11 September 2001 Barry Long greatly expanded the original text with new material.

‘The Way In’