Physical Love and The Noble Man


‘The job of making love is to get rid of the false field, the battlefield in us, where worry and guilt and all the rest of it takes place. And a man’s loving action in making love to you and then taking responsibility for what he stirs in you is an action of the noble man.’


Going into Me: through the looking glass, the other side of the mirror – Hell: my self, demons of the underworld, facing myself –Moody one wants to be loved - Youth: gaining experience without accumulating emotion – Answering letters from two women about love – Fixed stars: ideas in the mind of God – Suffering is reflecting on self – Acknowledging beauty PART TWO

Going into me, the unknown – The thinker is a relative reality – How do I get rid of the demons inside? – Dropping tension and stopping thought – Facing externalised demons - Man and woman living apart – Ball in the stomach – Dissolving momentum of work with your partner – Getting the baby out of the bed: everyone in his/her place – Verbal communication needs to match physical lovemaking – Physical love and virtue: noble man, the ground and field of love

PART ONE and PART TWO are both included in the download.

An unedited live talk, recorded on The Gold Coast, Australia, 17 April, 1993. Approximately 3 hours. Please note: When Barry Long speaks of ‘going into me’ he is referring to me in the body reading these words. This audio programme includes periods of silence for ‘going into me’. Formerly issued as an audio tape set under the title: Living The Truth, part of the Gold Coast Talks series.

180 minutes