The Origins of Man and the Universe

ISBN 455

What is the universe made of? How did it all begin? What is the truth behind the conflicting views of science and religion — evolution and genesis? Barry Long comes to these essential questions from the point of spiritual realisation and offers an unparalleled insight into the nature of consciousness - our own being. The ‘Origins’ book tells the incredible story of how a spiritual principle became intelligent flesh and blood. It shows how existence itself is formed, and spans the universe to discover the cosmic scheme behind the forces of evolution. The ultimate mystery of how nothing becomes something is revealed as the steps are followed towards the original point of consciousness: our origin in eternity. A work of immense vision, The Origins of Man and the Universe ranges through life and death to tell the entire story of existence. This is Barry Long’s masterwork.

Book also available in French.

‘A profound and spellbinding book by one of the world’s great spiritual masters. This book is destined to become a classic.’, THE PLANET [Aus]

‘Marks a shift in our collective unconscious . . . and will probably stand for decades to come as an influence on the way we look at life.’, NEW AGE GUARDIAN [Aus]

‘This is a rich textbook from a mature spiritual teacher committed to the realisation that the purpose of evolution at any time is to make life more conscious.’, NAPRA REVIEW [USA]