Only Fear Dies

ISBN 978-0-9508050-7-8

‘This is not an ordinary book. It is spiritually energetic. It works direct, now, immediately in your subconscious. Used rightly it will work to make you free.’

This is a book of profound teaching and practical application, in three parts. The first part tells you how to deal moment-to-moment with unhappiness. And what to do to keep yourself free of it. In the second part Barry Long reveals the root of unhappiness and how it attaches itself to us from an early age. It describes how this attachment to unhappiness is played out in the world at large, in politics and the media. The last part tells you how to take responsibility for yourself; how to start living under the Law of Life, often called karma. It tells the unfolding drama of your life from conception to death and beyond showing the way to liberation through penetration of the mysteries of living and dying.

Also available in German, Dutch, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Dutch, Hebrew, French, Spanish and Finnish.

‘Barry Long has influenced the entire world with his profoundly simple yet intensely felt lectures, books and workshops on the challenges of the human spirit. Coming from the direct pronouncement that we never, ever, have the right to be unhappy (since life is at its essence good) responsibility is placed squarely where it belongs, on the individual.’ , NAPRA REVIEW [USA]

‘An extraordinary book that anyone wishing to affirm the joy of life should read.’ , THE PLANET [Aus]

‘A wake up call to individuals who are only dreaming reality.’ , MAGICAL BLEND [USA]