Nothing Arising is Life Itself


'This being that I am talking about is the deep, dreamless sleep that you are going into tonight, where you shed all the burdens, where you have no existence whatever and you are never more at peace.'

We are so attached to things that we overlook the omnipresence of nothing, the source of all appearance. Barry Long takes you to the edge of the world, from where you peer into universal being – the universal nature of life – and invites you to dive in, consciously.

PART ONE (MP3 file size 15.5 MB)
Looking at nothing – The ego. protector of the natural body – Awareness and consciousness – Getting rid of self for the good of the earth – My self wants to get the nature of Me is to give – Mystic cross: self being refined – No experience in truth –Woman losing the old experience of love – Body dying without fuss – Deep dreamless sleep –I am being, no movement of the mind.

PART TWO (MP3 file size 15.4 MB )
Man’s urge to make love – Men’s excitement in watching sports on TV – Am I ready to die now? – Fear of nothing; Buddha facing his sexuality and nothing arising – Insomnia, facing what I learned in my relationships – Giving everything in partnership – Woman: giving everything in love or being demanding? – Honesty comes before love – Attachment to a dying father - Practising being, leaving the world of awareness – Getting your external life right – Beauty and the beast: woman turning the beast into the noble man – Penile servitude; changing the penis back to the original phallus – Change of life in woman

PART ONE and PART TWO are both included in the download.

An unedited live talk, recorded on The Gold Coast, Australia, 26 June 1993. Approximately 3 hours. Please note: When Barry Long speaks of ‘going into me’ he is referring to me in the body reading these words. This audio programme includes periods of silence for ‘going into me’. Formerly issued as an audio tape set under the title: Living The Truth, part of the Gold Coast Talks series.

180 minutes