Meditation A Foundation Course

ISBN 978-1-899324-00-2

This is a no-nonsense practical course of instruction which is very clear and easy to follow. Free of esoteric or religious overtones, the exercises in each lesson provide a sound basis for regular practice, the purpose over time being to go deeper and deeper into the stillness at the centre of your being. The course is arranged as a set of ten lessons with more than thirty exercises, taking you in easy stages from the basics to the point where you’ll be able to practise on your own, knowing what you are doing and why. Learning to meditate usually has a significant impact on the way you live your life, and is often recognised as a turning point, when life takes on new meaning and purpose. The simplicity and clarity of this book has already opened the way for thousands of people.

Also available in German, Swedish, Finnish, French, Dutch, Hebrew, Portuguese, Polish and Italian.

An extremely accessible manual, avoiding any confusing metaphysical trappings . . . Recommended for both beginners and practised meditation students for its gentle but firm wisdom.’ , NEW AGE NEWS [Aus]

‘An excellent method . . . The exercises are invaluable . . . Try it it works!’ , SCIENCE OF THOUGHT REVIEW [UK]

‘A must for people new to meditation or those who have found difficulties. This course is practical and concise; refreshingly simple but effective.’ , YOGA AND HEALTH [UK]

‘A must-have, must-read guide book to serenity!’ , METAPHYSICAL REVIEW [USA]