Making Love

ISBN 978-1-899324-14-9

This book offers a life-changing encounter with real love! A way to keep love constantly fresh and alive through honest, pure and conscious lovemaking. Many would say Barry Long’s outstanding contribution to their lives has been his teaching on sexual love. His approach has brought new life to the relationships of thousands of couples worldwide. The secret is in learning to disentangle problematic sex from the love. A unique and radical tantric teaching that transforms your relationship and brings the dream of love closer to reality.

Also available in German, Spanish, Swedish, French, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Hebrew and Finnish.

148 minutes

'Not your average book on lovemaking. It's about making love in its purest form and highest purpose. It's a program of lessons for committed lovers looking for a way to truly make love tangible, by learning to love honestly and completely.', GOLDEN AGE [Aus]

'If you are willing to have some of your most romantic and emotional dreams shattered, they will be replaced with an understanding of the divinity of love, the purity and fulfillment of love, in a way that is unique in my experience. The cool clarity of this volume will inform, enlighten and challenge you.', NOVA HOLISTIC JOURNAL [Aus]

'This slim volume of work contains the most profound insights on love and sexuality that you're ever likely to encounter.', NEW AGE GUARDIAN [Aus]