Loving and Living without Attachment

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'To rid yourself of attachment you have to have a higher love than human love and sentimentality. You have to purify your love...'

A set of 6 MP3's - zipped together into one download.
Previously published on cassette with the same title - not available since 2003.

This is one of Barry's most helpful teachings for men and women living together.
He covers many topics around a central theme - attachments, what causes them, why we suffer their effects and how to get rid of them. He is questioned by the audience on the implications for relationships, partnerships and marriage. He speaks about the folly of having beliefs, the familiarity that obscures our attachments and the heartbreak of having to put the truth first.
And he shows us how to be more intelligent in our relationships; how to get rid of attachments and keep love alive.

Edited from a day meeting on the Gold Coast, Australia - 20 January 2002

6 Download MP3s. - 219 minutes