Knowing Yourself

ISBN 978-1-899324-03-3

Self-knowledge is the discovery of the false. When the false is discarded truth is there. In this way truth is its own solution.’

Does your life seem mechanical somehow? Do you look for something greater, in spite of yourself? Is what you’ve accepted as true, really the truth? Knowing yourself means being able to separate the true from the false in yourself, love from emotion, joy from sentiment, will from desire. Each of the thirty chapters sketches an aspect of the human psyche, challenging you to find what lies behind the appearance of things. When you discover the false, the intelligent thing to do is discard it. Keep discovering. Keep discarding. And what remains is true. One layer of self delusion after another is stripped away until at the end there is nothing but pure perception and the being of God. This book is like a window. First you catch sight of yourself in the false reflection of the glass. Then you look squarely at it. Finally you see through to the immaculate reality beyond.

Also available in German and Finnish.

‘A book to be highly recommended.’, YOGA TODAY [UK]