Gnosis - Direct Knowledge of God

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‘I endeavour to reveal and re-awaken the enlightening potential of gnosis direct knowledge that resides deep in every individual. Down through the ages man and woman have tried to find something more real than the passing parade presented by the senses. The gnostics of more than 2000 years ago succeeded. Their inspiration was to deny the authority of any doctrine or dogma based on belief. The gnostics maintained that truth the intimations of reality or God was communicated direct from within, once beliefs and opinions were put aside. But the force of churchianity along with the massed conviction that the only reality was the external world soon overwhelmed the gnostics and the subtle means of direct knowledge. The result was hypocritical moralising, the perpetuation of social fragmentation, religious wars and personal conflict about what is right and what is wrong. If you are moved and willing to find a greater truth than what the world calls knowledge, this tape will help you to reconnect with the spirit of gnosis.’

Side 1: Gnosis • Church and temple • Inner space Side 2: Buddhist precepts • Relationship: the greatest challenge • Everything in existence is back to front Side 2: The light of God • Concepts and the idea • The world is my self Side 4: Let’s speak of romance • The pure heart • Words of the prophets

172 minutes Powerful extracts from a 10-day meeting at Bond University

Live recording, Gold Coast Australia, March 2001

172 minutes