From Here To Reality

ISBN 978-1-899-324-31-6


This book is all about Barry Long's self-knowledge ~ his final word on truth, love, life, death and God.

“Self-knowledge is the reality that directs each living life according to the great purpose behind the mystery of human existence.”

Barry Long knew he was dying. He set about writing down his last words on the main themes of his spiritual teaching. He wanted to leave behind a full account of what he considered to be his original contribution to the evolving consciousness on Earth. No one before him had been able to strip away spiritual traditions to reveal the universal truth with such boldness and practicality; with such contemporary relevance. No other teachers of his generation were quite so willing to take on the unhappiness of the human condition by dealing with personal intimate questions about relationships, and particularly sexual relations all without losing sight of the divine. No other enlightened teacher or master had seen into the cosmic scheme of things and at the same time been able to bring universal principles down to earth with such power and immediacy. Between the covers of this book you will find all he wanted us to hear about the human condition, the errors we make in ignorance of the truth of life; about love and its transcendent power to change us; about the dismantling of the selfish body of unhappiness we carry around with us; about the cosmic scheme of all our lives, the purpose of death, the purpose of love, the purpose of life itself.
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