Being Beyond Description


(was Gold Coast Talks Dec 1993)
I am looking into life before it takes form. That is why I cannot see anything in here, because there are no forms in me. Forms only appear when this life passes through the human brain and creates forms through the senses.

Two problems all over the world: cause and effect mind; leaving Me – Explanation of Me – Self consideration, selfishness, feelings – Intelligence: no feelings, looking out of your skin – Going into Me: beginning of freedom and liberation – Who, where and what is Me? Me: the tenderest, sweetest place – Psychic manifestation: the devil – Giving or indulgence: listening to the sad story – Blindness and deception of scientific mind: Stephen Hawkings’ scientific report – The black hole – Extra terrestrial intelligence – Your brain and sensory universe – Love within reflected without – Going into Me: into the black hole, the moment before the big bang.

Catch 22 – Getting rid of the questioner – How you know when he or she loves you – What is getting in the way of love? – The value of self – Can there be joy in getting my life right? – Curiosity: gossip at work – Painful self: telling the sad, sad story – Fear of not having enough to retire on – Reading newspapers – Love and attachment – Woman’s attachment or man’s fear of love? – Pain causing itself more pain – A broken heart – Mystical love and the speaker Going into Me: looking into Me, the formless, looking with intelligence and with feeling – Consciousness and awareness: in and out of time – Addresses young girls: real wedding vows – Anger with children – Unhappiness in children – Happiness or absence of unhappiness – Honesty and right communication – This teaching, going into Me: two hemispheres of one cosmos – Addresses 8 year old: learning from experience; can you destroy the self.

PART ONE and PART TWO are both included in the download.

An unedited live talk, recorded on The Gold Coast, Australia, 18 Dec 1993. Approximately 3 hours. Please note: When Barry Long speaks of ‘going into me’ he is referring to me in the body reading these words. This audio programme includes periods of silence for ‘going into me’. Formerly issued as an audio tape set under the title: Living The Truth, part of the Gold Coast Talks series.