Behind Life and Death

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'As anything to exist, even a word or phrase, must have a greater reality behind it, how great is the reality behind you and me?' 

As his death was approaching Barry Long wrote this short text as a parting gift. He said it would affirm and deepen people's self-knowledge. Various aspects of the journey through life and death are covered, including Recurrence, Multi-dimensional Consciousness and the Ethereal Double.

'Our having a physical brain and mind of limited consciousness inhibits the knowledge of the eternal mystery. Yet due to our immortal individual consciousness having lived, died and recurred through uncountable births, each of us has a deeper presence or potential knowledge of every level of truth ever realised by humanity. This extends from the realisations of God or Self by various masters, to gods and higher intelligences, and on to eternity and beyond eternity – altogether a hugely intelligent body of self-knowledge supporting our presently rather shaky individual consciousness. Like an irresistible magnet, our potential higher knowledge will drag our individual consciousness on through innumerable more recurrences until we are truly intelligent. There is only the great cycle of life and death and all the participants, reluctant or otherwise, recur here in the physical to participate after death in the next stage of their potential – for the inscrutable good of the whole.’

A small booklet on a vast and profound subject — to fit in your pocket.