Barry Long's Epic Spiritual Poems

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'Come, I will show you a garden where nothing dies - my respite for you when day is done’.

Few look beyond this passing dream of sixty or seventy years. Even fewer see beyond creation into depthless eternity itself, from which timeless vantage the whole mythic tale of creation can be seen in complete perspective. But the rarest of all is he or she who can then meaningfully communicate such knowledge to others, and in so doing gives voice to the unspeakable. Barry Long’s epic poems are such an art form. His words wash through you in a tide of passion, alternately bringing you face to face with the uncompromising, unedited extremes that are the consequence of living in matter, or inspiring you with the incipient knowledge of God the deathless truth and love which lies deep and yearns for expression in every one of us, and without which the whole journey of life and death becomes hollow. These poems are spine-tingling, resounding through your body long after the words have stopped. Drawn from God-given metaphors they encompass the vastness and wonder of life and death, the reality and depth of love and the extraordinary spiritual scheme that lies behind it all • Side 1: The Star; The Pigmy; The Glutton Eye; Anne of the Twinkling I; The Way of Woman; Wild Wild Life; Now • Side 2: Man The Thinking Piece of Sand; The Garden • Studio recording.

98 minutes