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Start Meditating Now - mp3

*Audio Book

             Barry Long How to Stop Thinking

$9.00 AUD

Run time: 65 minutes (37mb)

‘Meditation is the art of entering your own unconscious. Your unconscious is inside your body. It is a place of extraordinary stillness and creativity. When you reach it you will know that learning to meditate was the most important move you ever made.’

Whether you are a complete beginner or have meditated before, Barry Long’s spoken instruction takes you steadily into more and more stillness. This carries over into your daily life as a sense of greater well-being.

Also a CD included with Start Meditating Now






How To Stop Thinking - mp3

*Audio Book

             Barry Long How to Stop Thinking

$9.00 AUD

Run time: 53 minutes (25mb)

‘Thinking is a psychological disease – a madness now infecting just about everyone. It is the cause of worry and all unhappiness. I'm assuming you want to be rid of it; that you want to cure yourself. I'm going to show you how . . . I have mastered the thinker and by the grace of God am free of this terrible disease. I am able to tell you all about it, to reveal every hidden detail of it, and so undermine its hold over you.’

Thinking is the other side of worry. If you want to stop worrying, stop thinking! Not so easy . . . But Barry Long has a convincing message to help you. In ten short, sharp lessons he explains how to get control of useless thinking and supports you in the endeavour to more and more often have nothing in your head but pure awareness.

Also a CD included with Start Meditating Now

*Code Key

For those interested in a chronological index of Barry Long's meetings - what follows is a key code which will become part of the title of all releases from now on:

Session Number Of Meeting Original Meeting Description Year Of Meeting Example

S1, S3, S9, S21, etc = session number
(a session usually consisted of 1 to 2 hours of dialogue/investigation/meditation)

MS = "Master Session"
(a 14 day annual event)

10D = A 10 Day Meeting

7D = A 7 Day Meeting

5D = A 5 Day Meeting

3D = A 3 Day Meeting

2D = A 2 Day Meeting

1D = A 1 Day Meeting

AF = An Afternoon Meeting

The year of any meeting is reduced to the last 2 digits of that year so:
1989 = 89, 1995 = 95, 2002 = 02 etc

The third session filmed at the
ten day meeting in 2002
will carry the code of:

Note: Some recordings of Barry Long do not fall into the above categories and therefore will have descriptive titles for example: The Myth Of Life Series on CD are described as "Audio books" (these were not recorded from live meetings but written and read by Barry) or the DVD title - The Good - "filmed in Bristol UK 1989" (no specified session number or date recorded).