'Life is beautiful. Life begins with nature and ourselves. You don't have to compromise with life. It's just there, in you and around you. Life is all that is beautiful and natural.'  Barry Long

'Life is good because life is true. And it is every moment once you surrender the right to be unhappy.'  Barry Long

'I want you to see the vastness of this existence and beyond. That's where I'm taking you. As I stretch you with the vastness, broadness and wideness of it all, you start to become vast, broad and wide in your perception of life, love, death, God and consciousness.'   Barry Long

A Prayer for Life
The Way In
Stillness Is The Way
Meditation A Foundation Course
Where the Spirit Speaks to Its Own
The Origins of Man and the Universe

Start Meditating Now
How to Live Joyously
Seeing through Death
Love Brings All to Life
The Fire of Love
Now - The Secret of Infinity
Barry Long's Epic Spiritual Poems
Songs of Life
Why on Earth are You Here?
Loving and Living without Attachment

Life Is Joy
Barry Long's Four Steps of Meditation
Being New
The Matrix

The Truth of Life
A Prayer for Life
The Inspiration
What it is to Die (as I'm Seeing it)
Getting Your Life Right

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