The Barry Long Foundation International is a non-profit organisation. With Barry Long's death and the resulting loss of income from his seminars, donations are increasingly necessary to keep Barry's work available and to continue to archive and publish new material. Any donation you can give, whether large or small, will help and is appreciated.

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• Send a cheque to: PO Box 339, Kyogle, NSW 2474 Australia, or PO Box 50498 London W8 9FB United Kingdom

Estate Planning

Adding The Barry Long Foundation International (BLFI) to your will is a wonderful way to provide critically needed funds to ensure the legacy of Barry Long continues to be available for generations to come. If you are interested in naming the BLFI as a beneficiary in your will please check the legal advice in your country to ensure the gift is effective. A suggested clause as a starting point could be, "I give the sum of $[xxx] free of all costs and duties to The Barry Long Foundation International for the purposes of The Foundation and I declare that the receipt of the secretary of The Foundation shall be a sufficient discharge to my executors or trustees and shall absolve them from seeing as to the application thereof."

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For any questions please contact us on 04 7451 4897 (if phoning from outside Australia +61 4 7451 4897), mail to PO Box 339, Kyogle, NSW 2474, Australia or email us at



Sex into Love(mp3)

Barry Long - Transforming Sex into Love

MP3 - INDEX...

Loving and Living without Attachment

Barry Long - Loving and Living without Attachment

A set of 6 audio
previously published on cassette - not available since 2003 (MP3s)


From Here To Reality

Barry Long - From here to reality

Barry Long's last word on truth, love, living and the great myth of life on earth.



The Vastness Of It All

Barry Long - Divine Warrior

'The Transformation
of Self' The fifth in the downloadable video series...(MP4s)

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