'The only death or rebirth is now.

If you quit a situation or a person in order to be true to yourself, it will be now, not tomorrow. In that moment and all the other moments of your daily life, whenever you have the opportunity to be true or not true to yourself or life, you either die (to be true) or you do not die (to be true). You either die in that moment to the person you are, or you don’t. You either die to the ignorance that you’re holding on to, or compromising with as yourself, or you don’t.

If you die to that personal self, if you face up to the falsehood of it, you are immediately reborn, instantly freed of that part of the old person or false self that you were. If you don’t die to it, you continue to live on as the same old person, the same old wearying problem that you can’t escape from.'

'You are a player in the rigorous game of living.
You can’t blame the game if you don’t believe the rules or bother to remember them.
The first rule is: every player dies; none knows when it’s coming; the youngest and best often go first.
Everyone has to play.
The game goes on forever – or until you win.
You win by finding death before it finds you.
The prize – is life.'

From the audio tape Seeing through Death © Barry Long 1983

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