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Being New - mp4


Barry Long Being New

$11.00 AUD   


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‘Your natural right is to be pure intelligence, to be able to perceive the other, the ‘it’, the thing that never dies, the foreverness, the
eternalness, the wonder, the unimaginable within you.’

The whole movement of human progress takes us deeper into learning, education, science and the unreal. All the time we move farther away from our origin, farther away from innocence. In a stroke of irresistible logic, Barry Long sweeps aside everything that is unreal, uncovers the open door of reality and invites you in. Lucid, compelling and practical, this video provides you with direct access to spiritual self-knowledge, to being now, to being new: ‘Pure self-knowledge is the key to reality before you die. The key to harmonising your life.’ Filmed at a 9 Day Meeting March 2000, Gold Coast, Australia.

Run time: 92 minutes - (890MB)

Please note: this title has been published previously on VHS video tape and forms part of 'The Complete March 2000' MP3 set as session number four.



Divine Warrior - mp4


Barry Long The Divine Warrior

$11.00 AUD    


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'If the whole human race could grasp what I say here, there would be a different life on this earth, not a life marred by unhappiness, misery and wretchedness, but a life of realisation of the Lord, of God and of love.’

Only the divine warrior restores the true wonder of life to the earth. Only he or she has the courage to cut through personal sentimentality and the fear of death to the unifying principle beneath all individual forms. This video is a living documentary of that power and inspiration.
Filmed during a 5-Day Meeting 12 May 1998, Australia.

Run time: 96 minutes (400MB)

Please note: Previously published in 1998 on VHS video tape.






Everybody's Spiritual Showdown - mp4


Barry Long A Journey In Consciousness

$11.00 AUD    


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'Your High Noon, the showdown, is coming. This you have always longed for but dreaded. All you have to face is your self your doubts, fears and dishonesty. The impulse is to run but in doing so you run from love and life. When you've had enough of your self’s manipulation and dishonesty, you are ready for the showdown. You stand alone and it takes courage to win.'

Barry Long faced his own spiritual crisis many years ago. Here he helps you understand the process, what it takes to get through it, and where it leads • Gold Coast, Australia. May, 2002.

Run time: 66 minutes - (556MB)

Please note: This title has previously been published on VHS video tape titled: 'Everybody's Spiritual Showdown'.




Four Steps of Meditation - mp4


Barry Long FourSteps

$11.00 AUD    


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'The next step is for you and me, through meditation, to enter the solar system – once we are sufficiently intelligent to go beyond the lunar influence, the influence of human emotions and human thought.'

Barry Long offers a unique and practical summation of his meditation system in four very distinct practices. Stage one frees you from emotion. Stage two undermines all mental concepts of perception in favour of the remarkable nature of what is, behind the appearance of everything. Stage three reunites you with the singular nature of life. Stage four builds on the insights of stages one, two and three to take you to an indescribable place at the forefront of human consciousness. Filmed at the Master Session November 2002, Gold Coast, Australia

Run time: 60 minutes - (547mb)




God Realisation - mp4


Barry Long God realisation

$11.00 AUD   


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'The Master has realised the reflection of God, the reflection of reality, the reflection of truth and the reflection of love - are you hearing me? - no man with a brain has ever realised God and never ever will...'

This mp4 Video comes from a powerful seminar which people have asked to be made available. The popular mp4 video ‘The Matrix’ was recorded at the same event. Its special value comes from the unique perspective Barry Long brings to a traditional spiritual term – ‘God Realisation’. Those who know Barry’s gift of elucidating mysteries in plain language will again receive a wonderful account of what lies behind the words. Master that he was, Barry speaks from the place of the master about realisation. And in the reflection of that truth he explains why it is simply not possible for the human brain ever to realise God. And yet that realisation is clearly there before us, on the screen.

Run time: 69 minutes (590MB)



Karma and how it works - mp4


Barry Long A Journey In Consciousness

$11.00 AUD    


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'Karma . . . Having to face the consequences of our actions, or as I put it, the repetition of the past in the present. I’d like to tell you the truth of it, how karma works and how you can change your karma, which of course is a wonderful thing to be able to do. But you have to know how to do it. And I will tell you . . .'

What is meant by the word ‘karma’? What’s the truth of it? How does karma work? Barry Long speaks about its function in the human psyche and how karma affects everyone’s personal life. He explains how we each contribute to our individual karma and how all of mankind’s worldly achievements add to the collective karma of humanity. We may not be able to escape from karma but there is a healing power that can overcome its effects. And though we cannot change the world, we have a certain kind of free will. Barry Long offers a simple way of using that will and that power to change our lives.

Run time: 50 minutes (500MB)

Filmed at the Master Session, Cabarita Beach, NSW, Australia 25 October 1998

Reincarnation - What it is and what it's not - mp4


Barry Long The Matrix

$11.00 AUD    


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'All life goes back into one glorious life, undivided. But then, according to your lights there can be a yearning in the life that you are to return to existence . . .’

What are we after death? Does anything of us come back to existence? Does anything actually reincarnate? Barry Long speaks from the master consciousness to reveal the truth of life and death and in this video examines what dies, what survives and how. Filmed at a 7-Day meeting August 2001, Gold Coast, Australia

Run time: 64 minutes (650MB)










The Flower of Woman - mp4


Barry Long The Flower of Woman

$11.00 AUD    


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'The stem and the flower: What am I speaking of? I am speaking of Woman and what I am saying is of great concern, not only to woman but also to man...’

Barry Long's romantic tribute to the mystery of female power: Why is it so attractive to a man? What is it about the male that makes him attractive to her? How is this power discovered in lovemaking?
Filmed during a 3-Day Meeting 14 May 2000, Australia.

Run time: 46 minutes (450MB)

Please note: Previously published in 2000 on VHS video tape titled: 'In The Garden of Love'.







The Matrix - mp4


Barry Long The Matrix

$11.00 AUD    


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'This existence is mystery, this existence is a magnificent mystery, the mystery of you, the mystery of me, the mystery of the flowers, the mystery of the whole lot held together by some enormous power which is the matrix, held together and everything able to move in it, it is a magnificent mystery’

In this video Barry Long uses the idea of the matrix to demonstrate the essential unity of all that is. Filmed at a 7-Day meeting August 2001, Gold Coast, Australia

Run time: 62 minutes (620MB)










The Vastness Of It All - Getting The Idea - mp4


Barry Long The Vastness

$11.00 AUD    


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'The most important thing in your life is to realise God and have the knowledge of God every moment without interruption. God is nothing. You cannot make a concept of nothing. But you can get the idea.’

At rare moments the earth is blessed with a man who is able to pass on something of lasting value - who brings to life knowledge of the deeper reality. Filmed at a 5-Day meeting July 2000, coolangatta, Australia

Run time: 56 minutes (583MB)

Please note: Previously published in 2001 on VHS video tape.









*Code Key

For those interested in a chronological index of Barry Long's meetings - what follows is a key code which will become part of the title of all releases from now on:

Session Number Of Meeting Original Meeting Description Year Of Meeting Example

S1, S3, S9, S21, etc = session number
(a session usually consisted of 1 to 2 hours of dialogue/investigation/meditation)

MS = "Master Session"
(a 14 day annual event)

10D = a ten day meeting

7D = a seven day meeting

5D = a five day meeting

3D = a three day meeting

2D = a two day meeting

1D = a one day meeting

AF = an afternoon meeting

The year of any meeting is reduced to the last 2 digits of that year so:
1989 = 89, 1995 = 95, 2002 = 02 etc

The third session filmed at the
ten day meeting in 2002
will carry the code of:

Note: Some recordings of Barry Long do not fall into the above categories and therefore will have descriptive titles for example: The Myth Of Life Series on CD are described as "Audio books" (these were not recorded from live meetings but written and read by Barry) or the DVD title - The Good - "filmed in Bristol UK 1989" (no specified session number or date recorded).