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Acknowledging Your Purity - CD


Barry Long AcknowledgingYourPurity

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‘In the moment of loving the truth or acknowledging your purity, you’re absent. There is a great absence in you because you don’t know what you are loving, or who is loving, all you know is, ‘I will never give up because I can’t stay away from it. I just love it.’ That’s your purity.’

This talk is about going beyond: beyond thinking, beyond negative emotions and beyond any concept of physical existence. It’s about revealing the vastness and depth of your being - in realising your love of the truth. To acknowledge this love is to acknowledge and access your inner purity.

Run time: 78 minutes

A talk given on 26 October during The Master Session, Australia, 20 October - 5 November, 1995. Previously issued as a complementary cassette to participants of the seminar under the title 'No More Negativity'.

This recording was made in a marquee and rain is audible during the session.

Living Intelligently - CD


Barry Long Living Inteligently

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''Do what you've got to do. But what about all those unnecessary things that you amuse yourself with? Energy should be contained so that you get the power in you. The power to do what? The power not to have to worry any more - not to have to be anxiously concerned about anything any more - the power to have everything come to you that you need without having to expend any effort that you're not moved to expend.''

Barry Long offers a comprehensive spiritual discipline - a new way of living - to transform your life. He shows you how to give up unnecessary activity, how to realise life-changing gratitude, and how to still your mind. He demonstrates how every event in your life provides an opportunity for you to be true to the situation. This disciplined approach leads to a one-pointedness of mind - the ongoing acknowledgement of an intelligence greater than yourself. Eventually this greater power - the intelligence of the source, or God - is consciously realised as the intelligence running your entire life • A talk given on 29 July 2002 during a 7 day meeting at Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia


Run time: 74 minutes

Stop Fighting - You've Already Won - CD


Barry Long Transforming Sex into Love

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‘Are you climbing into the screen? When you fight or try, you attach yourself to the picture instead of just being the picture. In being, you detach more and more from this identification. The only way to do this is to have an intimation of something more real than the movie – and that is the other.’

By struggling with the problems in our life, could it actually be that we are fueling the life of the problem, rather than the solution? Barry Long points to a new possibility, a way of being which takes the fear and personal affliction out of circumstance. This is not by passive dis-identification but by an entirely active and practical way of addressing your life. First you have to realise the true nature of existence and your own responsibility for it. Then you can consciously unite with the power of life – the power to effect change without struggle. ‘Why not open yourself up to life and face the new, here, in life.’

Run time: 62 minutes

Transforming Sex into Love - CD

*Audio Book

Barry Long A Journey In Consciousness

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'Sex is really love, only it has a selfish drive in it. Eventually that drive becomes the drive to master yourself and to transform your sexual drive into love.'

Barry Long’s tantric teaching reveals the next step in our evolution. Transforming Sex into Love shows you how to bring this revolutionary change into your own life by making your most intimate relationship an ever deepening expression of love. Questions from the audience offer Barry Long practical situations to demonstrate the idea. Profoundly relevant, this down-to-earth talk outlines the steps that ultimately lead to the mystical union of man and woman. Edited from The Master Session 2000, Australia.

Run time: 79 minutes

Also Available as an MP3 Download (41.3 MB)

Read an extract from this CD here

The Myth Of Life Series - Nine CD Set (includes all CD sets below)

*Audio Books

Barry Long The Myth Of Life Series

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The Myth Of Life Series is a journey through the human psyche which forms our existence. The journey covers the descent into yourself through the stillness of right meditation, self-knowledge through the nature of truth, the fact and truth of death, sexual love, and the divine law or karma. It leads you to knowing, so that you eventually realise or make real, the living truth or the truth of your being.

Run time aprox: 641 minutes

A complete spiritual teaching on CD, consisting of 'A Journey In Consciousness', 'How to Live Joyously', 'Making Love', 'Seeing Through Death' and 'Start Meditating Now' (9 CDs)










   A Journey In Consciousness - Two CD Set

*Audio Book

Barry Long A Journey In Consciousness

$25.00 AUD    


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'I am going to make real for you the final mystery of existence. This is the rarest knowledge on earth.'


The journey of self-discovery leads back through everything we know about ourselves to a point of perception, beyond the brain. Barry Long draws us back towards that point by telling us the story of existence and helps us see ourselves as we truly are.

• CD One: The Unbelievable Truth - Why truth is unacceptable to the human brain; how it makes sense of the world; how to get through to the consciousness at the centre of it

• CD Two: Who I Am - An exploration of a reality beyond the brain’s comprehension; a demonstration in our living experience of the perception at the centre of every spiritual realisation - the knowledge of what ‘I’ am and where ‘I’ come from.

Run time: 141 minutes

   How To Live Joyously - Two CD Set

*Audio Book

Barry Long How To Live Joyously

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'Stop living in your own shadow, and the sun, the joy, immediately shines.’




Barry Long teaches that joy is our natural state. To reveal our true being we have to shed the tensions and burdens of living. To do this requires new energy and a willingness to live responsibly and consciously under the law of life, often called ‘karma’.

• CD One: How To Live Joyously - Tells the story of the being behind the mask, the real you beneath the personality; how to make yourself free; with exercises to release the energy needed to live more joyously.

• CD Two: The Law Of Life - Karma: The law which governs the lives of conscious individuals; what it is to be consciously responsible for your life; how karma operates in the mystery of life, death and rebirth.

Run time: 141 minutes

Text included in the book: Only Fear Dies





   Making Love - Two CD Set

*Audio Book

Barry Long Making Love

$25.00 AUD    


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‘Man and woman have forgotten how to make real love. This is the greatest tragedy on earth.’

Divine love is not an elusive dream. Thousands around the world have transformed their love lives with this tantric teaching. With the program of instruction on these life-changing CDs, you and your partner can find freedom from sexual unhappiness and mutual joy in sexual union.

CD One: The difference between divine love and human love; the practice of right love-making step-by-step; how to overcome sexual greed.

CD Two: The dangers of emotionality, fantasy and sexual excitement; how to transcend sexual problems and keep your lovemaking constantly fresh and alive.

Run time: 148 minutes

‘Women have been heard to say that they’ve waited all their lives to hear this teaching.’, LIVING NOW [Aus]

See also Barry Long's statement (in English and German):
'An open letter to those who try to use my teaching to teach others.' - Original Tantra

   Seeing Through Death - CD

*Audio Book

Barry Long Seeing Through Death

$15.00 AUD   


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‘The living don’t perceive the purpose of death. But the dying eventually do - only then it is too late for them to return and tell us what it is. I tell you the purpose of death and convey the art of dying.’

Few dare speak of death, let alone make conscious preparation for it. Barry Long puts the taboo aside in an uplifting account of what happens when we die. He has counsel for the bereaved, compassionate words for those actually dying, and advice about explaining death to children.

This CD is for the dying, the grieving - and those who have yet to face death.

What happens when we die.
How to face death and deal with the fear.
How to see through it. And see it through.

'We always imagine we will die tomorrow.
But when we die, we die today.'

Run time: 80 minutes

   Start Meditating Now - Two CD Set

*Audio Book

    Barry Long Start Meditating Now

$25.00 AUD   


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‘Meditation is the art of entering your own unconscious. Your unconscious is inside your body. It is a place of extraordinary stillness and creativity. When you reach it you will know that learning to meditate was the most important move you ever made.’

Whether you are a complete beginner or have meditated before, Barry Long’s spoken instruction takes you steadily into more and more stillness. This carries over into your daily life as a sense of greater well-being.

• CD One: Start Meditating Now.

• CD Two: How To Stop Thinking.

The two CDs in this pack give you all you need to get the maximum benefit from meditation. ‘Start Meditating Now’ has been a Barry Long best-seller for over thirty years. The bonus CD included with it, ‘How To Stop Thinking’, complements seated meditation by driving home the purpose of Barry Long’s method, which is to bring presence and stillness actively into your everyday life. It is a teaching that has helped many people and is often a breakthrough for meditators who have become stuck in their practice.

Run time: 131 minutes 

‘Start Meditating Now’ [CD One] also available as an mp3

‘How To Stop Thinking’ [CD Two] also available as an mp3

The text of ‘Start Meditating Now’ [CD One]
is included in the book title: The Way In

Code Key

For those interested in a chronological index of Barry Long's meetings - what follows is a key code which will become part of the title of all releases from now on:

Session Number Of Meeting Original Meeting Description Year Of Meeting Example

S1, S3, S9, S21, etc = session number
(a session usually consisted of 1 to 2 hours of dialogue/investigation/meditation)

MS = "Master Session"
(a 14 day annual event)

10D = a ten day meeting

7D = a seven day meeting

5D = a five day meeting

3D = a three day meeting

2D = a two day meeting

1D = a one day meeting

AF = an afternoon meeting

The year of any meeting is reduced to the last 2 digits of that year so:
1989 = 89, 1995 = 95, 2002 = 02 etc

The third session filmed at the
ten day meeting in 2002
will carry the code of:

Note: Some recordings of Barry Long do not fall into the above categories and therefore will have descriptive titles for example: The Myth Of Life Series on CD are described as "Audio books" (these were not recorded from live meetings but written and read by Barry) or the DVD title - The Good - "filmed in Bristol UK 1989" (no specified session number or date recorded).