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Barry Long's Journal: One

Barry Long Journal-1


The Divine Life and the Way to Fulfilment

A spiritual master's reflections and observations as he travelled from his home in Australia to teach in Europe and California. The year was 1990 and Barry Long was beginning to be known further afield than at home and in London. He had just announced his intention to 'go global' and as the Journal begins he declares his purpose: To introduce his audience to the real possibility of becoming cosmically conscious

The Journal was produced at the time for people coming to his talks and as a record of the current themes in his teaching. It's a collection of his writings and sayings, along with extracts from his extensive correspondence and edited transcripts of public talks. Three volumes were published serially and together they are a kaleidoscope of spiritual insights and inspirational wisdom. The Journal is easy-to-read and offers a fascinating glimpse into both the global and the cosmic vision of one of the most powerful teachers of the twentieth century.


©The Barry Long Trust

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Barry Long's Journal: Two

Barry Long Journal-2


Enlightenment and the Battle with Ignorance

The record of a spiritual master's teachings and observations as he introduces his audience to the reality of cosmic consciousness. This volume of Barry Long's Journal covers topics as diverse as sexual love, theoretical physics, Eastern Masters, UFOs and common obstacles in the spiritual life. It follows him on his travels in 1991 and includes his commentary on the First Iraq War which shook the world that year.


©The Barry Long Trust

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Barry Long's Journal: Three

Barry Long Journal-3


Mastery and the Karma of Living

The journal of a spiritual master as he travels through Europe and America in 1991 speaking to audiences about the truth of life and love. Barry Long's engaging comments about the places he visits, his autobiographical stories and witty observations accompany penetrating articles and extracts from his talks. Every item in this Journal illustrates what it was for him to live an ordinary life as a spiritual master in the western world. And at the same time it presents some of the most powerful of his teachings that exist in print.


©The Barry Long Trust

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Behind Life and Death

Barry Long Behind Life


The Boundless Reality

'As anything to exist, even a word or phrase, must have a greater reality behind it, how great is the reality behind you and me’

An amazing journey of individual consciousness through the great cycle of life and death. A small booklet on a vast and profound subject — to fit in your pocket.


©The Barry Long Trust

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From Here to Reality

Barry Long From Here


My Spiritual Teaching

'Self-knowledge is the reality that directs each living life according to the great purpose behind the mystery of human existence.’

This book is all about Barry Long's self-knowledge ~ his final word on truth, love, life, death and God.

Barry Long knew he was dying. He set about writing down his last words on the main themes of his spiritual teaching. He wanted to leave behind a full account of what he considered to be his original contribution to the evolving consciousness on Earth.


©The Barry Long Trust

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Knowing Yourself

Barry Long Knowing Yourself


The True in the False

'Self-knowledge is the discovery of the false. When the false is discarded truth is there. In this way truth is its own solution.'

Does your life seem mechanical somehow? Do you look for something greater, in spite of yourself? Is what you’ve accepted as true, really the truth? Knowing yourself means being able to separate the true from the false in yourself, love from emotion, joy from sentiment, will from desire. Each of the thirty chapters sketches an aspect of the human psyche, challenging you to find what lies behind the appearance of things. When you discover the false, the intelligent thing to do is discard it. Keep discovering. Keep discarding. And what remains is true. One layer of self delusion after another is stripped away until at the end there is nothing but pure perception and the being of God. This book is like a window. First you catch sight of yourself in the false reflection of the glass. Then you look squarely at it. Finally you see through to the immaculate reality beyond.


©The Barry Long Trust

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Making Love

Barry Long Making Love


Sexual Love the Divine Way

'Man and woman have forgotten how to make real love. This is the greatest tragedy on earth.'

This book offers a life-changing encounter with real love; a way to keep love constantly fresh and alive through honest, pure and conscious lovemaking. Many would say Barry Long’s outstanding contribution to their lives has been his teaching on sexual love. His approach has brought new life to the relationships of thousands of couples worldwide. The secret is in learning to disentangle problematic sex from the love. A unique and radical tantric teaching that transforms your relationship and brings the dream of love closer to reality.


©The Barry Long Trust

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Living Love

Barry Long Living Love


Living Love: The Divine Reunion of Man and Woman

'Man and woman have forgotten how to make real love.'

This book is about the purpose of love and how sexuality and relationships are transformed when human love is suffused with the love of God.

With such a powerful sexual attraction between us, how is it that we make each other unhappy? Barry Long explains why sex corrupts love and how we cripple loving relationships.

What’s the solution? In characteristically forthright manner, Barry Long proposes a new way of romantic love and shows how it can be brought into our lives and partnerships with honesty and courage.

Why do relationships so often go wrong?
Is it really possible to be honest with your partner?
What ever happened to romance?
How is sex transformed into love?
What’s the connection between sex and spirituality?

This is the sequel to ‘Making Love; Sexual Love the Divine Way’.
— A master-class in living and loving.

This book was compiled from transcripts of the audio recordings ‘Love Brings All to Life’, ‘Beauty and the Beast: Quest of the Noble Man’, ‘Transforming Sex into Love’, ‘Being Honest to Love’, ‘Being Responsible for Love’, ‘Loving the Unnameable’ and some previously unpublished dialogues.


©The Barry Long Trust

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Barry Long Meditation


A Foundation Course

This is a no-nonsense practical course of instruction which is very clear and easy to follow. Free of esoteric or religious overtones, the exercises in each lesson provide a sound basis for regular practice, the purpose over time being to go deeper and deeper into the stillness at the centre of your being. The course is arranged as a set of ten lessons with more than thirty exercises, taking you in easy stages from the basics to the point where you’ll be able to practise on your own, knowing what you are doing and why. Learning to meditate usually has a significant impact on the way you live your life, and is often recognised as a turning point, when life takes on new meaning and purpose. The simplicity and clarity of this book has already opened the way for thousands of people.

'A must for people new to meditation or those who have found difficulties. This course is practical and concise; refreshingly simple but effective.’
Yoga And Health [UK]


©The Barry Long Trust

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My Life of Love and Truth

Barry Long My Life of Love and Truth


A Spiritual Autobiography

'Liberation or spiritual freedom is not gained by trying to be like everyone else. Liberation is to have the will, the power, the simplicity to be what you are from moment to moment, without pretence and without considering what you or others think you should be or should not be. Naked of being anything, you must stand, and stand alone.'

This posthumous autobiography tells the story of Barry Long's life from his early years in Australia to a career as a successful newspaper editor and then how successive spiritual crises and realisations made him into a spiritual master who changed the lives of thousands of people around the world. It is a candid and sometimes painfully honest account of transformation by love and the transcendental.


©The Barry Long Trust

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Only Fear Dies

Barry Long Only Fear Dies


A book of liberation

'This is not an ordinary book. It is spiritually energetic. It works direct, now, immediately in your subconscious. Used rightly it will work to make you free.'

This is a book of profound teaching and practical application, in three parts. The first part tells you how to deal moment-to-moment with unhappiness. And what to do to keep yourself free of it. In the second part Barry Long reveals the root of unhappiness and how it attaches itself to us from an early age. It describes how this attachment to unhappiness is played out in the world at large, in politics and the media. The last part tells you how to take responsibility for yourself; how to start living under the Law of Life, often called karma. It tells the unfolding drama of your life from conception to death and beyond showing the way to liberation through penetration of the mysteries of living and dying.


©The Barry Long Trust

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The Origins of Man and the Universe

Barry Long The Origins of Man and the Universe


The Myth that came to Life

'You are going on a mythic journey, deep into the psyche, back before the beginning of time'

There is a profound connection between discovery of the universe and self-knowledge. That most rewarding connection is made in this book, which relates the amazing complexity of life to the eternal essence at the centre of everything. Barry Long opens our minds to that enlightening reality and accounts for life, death, and the whole of existence in a grand mythic design, revealing our part in the evolution of consciousness.


©The Barry Long Trust

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A Prayer for Life

Barry Long A Prayer for Life


The cause and cure of terrorism, war and human suffering

'I trust that what is said here will make a difference in the lives of those who can hear, and through them in generations yet to come. To me the tragic topicality of the subject matter makes it imperative for someone to start revealing cause beyond the usual blaming and accusations for the ills of the world. This in no way is to excuse individual actions that destroy life and lives indiscriminately. But it is to say that every event in existence is an effect of innumerable previous effects. And that it's time to get back to the cause - for people to understand the source, past and present, of the relentless mounting degeneration of the world...'

This book examines why our civilisation is being shaken, where humanity makes its mistakes and predicts the outcome. Barry Long’s radical message is a prayer for a new life on earth and includes a new and energetic revelation of life lived in realisation of God, beyond anything that can be imagined today.


©The Barry Long Trust

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Raising Children

Barry Long Raising Children


In Love, Justice and Truth

'As usual I had invited questions from the audience. A man stood up: 'I'm having trouble closing the gap with my seven-year old daughter,’ he said. 'I really want to talk to her about life but I don't seem able to. What can I do?'
'That's because you haven't communicated with her in the past' I said. 'You've got to start communicating now. What's she interested in?'
'And what do you know about gymnastics?'
'Nothing. I'm not interested in it myself.'
'Typical,' I said, 'putting yourself first. If you love your daughter, and you want to communicate with her, you'll have to find out about what she loves...'

Most parents find it difficult to cope with all the demands made on them. Many can't communicate with their children. More and more families suffer from the negative influences of the world or struggle to survive separation and divorce. In most households the irritations and tensions of family life are accepted as perfectly normal. Barry Long offers a wide-ranging view of the human condition and shows how parents today can give their children the best possible preparation for adult life. This spiritual perspective on the family will be revealing to every reader.


©The Barry Long Trust

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Stillness Is The Way

Barry Long Stillness Is The Way


An Intensive Meditation Course

'You can’t realise love or yourself until you are still enough to drop down through the restlessness and frustrations into that deeper level of your being.'

This is a record of three days of teaching by Barry Long, resulting in a complete workbook for you to use in your own time. You are shown how to penetrate the source of restlessness and enter the depths of sensation within your body. You can read it cover to cover as an inspiring guide to self-knowledge or you can use it step-by-step as an actual meditation course. As the book includes dialogues with the original participants, the questions that inevitably arise are answered in the text. Stillness Is The Way takes you right through the process of meditation to the simple being of yourself where formal meditation is surpassed.


©The Barry Long Trust

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The Way In

Barry Long The Way In


A Book Of Self Discovery

'Much of what I am going to say will be new, unsettling and disturbing. It will linger in you. To the extent that you are real it will keep coming up in your awareness. It will cause alot of self-searching.'

A Way in to the labyrinth of self-discovery. You are led along its spiritual paths to the centre of your own self-knowledge. A journey not for the faint-hearted. What do you seek? Where is God What is truth? Here a spiritual master takes you firmly by the hand. He speaks directly to your longing and need, pointing the way home.


©The Barry Long Trust

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To Man in Truth

Barry Long To Man in Truth


Enlightening Letters

'The first thing an ordinary man has to do to help him realise his spiritual yearnings for God, truth or enlightenment, is to examine his everyday life.'

A book of questions...about truth, meditation, money, work, family, love, death, God and women from men endeavouring to live the spiritual life.
And answers...from a spiritual master. In his straightforward replies Barry Long addresses with practicality the difficulties encountered in living the spiritual life, and encourages man to live the life of love. He reveals that hidden behind each man's drive to love woman is his love of God, truth or the mystery.


©The Barry Long Trust

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To Woman In Love

Barry Long To Woman In Love


A Book Of Letters

'I am here as an external circumstance summoned by your intelligence to appear in front of you so that I can hearten you and give you strength. Someone has to tell you the truth and I am here to do that. To reveal to you the secret and mystery of God in your inner life.'

To Woman In Love is a book of letters about love, its pain and transcending beauty, written by women in different countries - and Barry Long’s replies. The women speak of their love and their pain, despair and doubt; and reveal their extraordinary courage and passion in being true to love. Barry Long answers by speaking intimately to them about their fight for recognition, their struggle with sexuality and the dishonesty of men. All the emotional tides of woman’s life are here: the jealousies, infatuations and traumas, health problems and eating disorders, menstruation and menopause, separation and loss - and all relationships, from first love through motherhood to old age. This book is one man’s compassionate recognition of what woman is. Speaking to the one Woman in every woman, it is a love letter to the divine.


©The Barry Long Trust

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Where the Spirit Speaks to Its Own

Barry Long Where the Spirit Speaks to Its Own


The Passion of Spiritual Awakening

'I must go, where the four winds blow, where the spirit speaks to its own. For now I am free, like the wind I must be, and help the others home.'

Where the Spirit Speaks to its Own is subtitled 'The passion of spiritual awakening' and describes Barry Long's own story through the songs and verses he wrote in the early days of his self-realization. His commentary on the poems gives us enough autobiographical detail to place them in context. So we hear about his isolation in the Himalayas, his romance with the 'bhagavati', or divine woman, and the terrors of the disintegrating self. But the real 'inner story' is in the poems themselves. Profound but easy to read, sometimes even amusing, these songs and verses tell how a modern mystic was called to the divine.


©The Barry Long Trust

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Wisdom and Where To Find It

Barry Long Wisdom and Where To Find It


A Book Of Truth

'Life is the search for self-knowledge. The points you see as marking a path are the limitations of your understanding. The man who sees a path has more understanding than the man who does not. But what is it a path through? A path through life? There is no path through life. There is only life.'

Why am I alive? What is of real value? When the world no longer holds the answers we turn within ourselves and question conventional wisdom. The challenge then is to find the truth. In this book Barry Long speaks to people in search of self-knowledge and provides that essential reflection of truth. There are five chapters, each based on a talk in which Barry Long addresses fundamental questions about the purpose and meaning of life. The talks were given when the author first declared himself a spiritual teacher in 1968 and spring from the experience of ‘the mystic death’ which he had undergone. As timeless and relevant as ever, the book examines the moral dilemmas provoked by the suffering in this world and the problem of choice in the ‘choiceless’ spiritual life. Practical advice is given on how to face the truth through meditation and self-observation. In the form of a discourse with questions and answers, this book is for anyone who would know the truth and fact of life, who senses that truth is not bound by ethical, moral or philosophical concepts. With Barry Long, you leap far beyond the conventional mind into the realm of pure self-knowledge.


©The Barry Long Trust

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