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Barry Long - Abundance


‘See abundance in your life – and it's there. It's not something you get, it's something that is already there in everyone's life if they are only honest enough to see it.’

Barry Long shows you how to be more aligned with life by overcoming the ignorance of living. He shows you how to stop wasting your energy. Conserving your energy gives you the power to redirect your attention back to the God-given abundance in your life - abundance that has never left you and, once truly acknowledged, never can.

Barry Long - The Light of Self-Knowledge

The Light of Self-Knowledge

Behind our superficial activity and ignorance is a divine imperative. It gives meaning to our lives and the otherwise meaningless travail of living. All living life is a continuing attempt to express this inexpressible divine ideal.

The reality of this is rarely spoken of. It is the mystery powering the universal cycle of birth and death, Barry Long unveils this mystery, not a mystery separate from you, but as your own self-knowledge. He describes how the process of self dissolution – the dissolution of personal ignorance – affords you greater access to this extraordinary realm, the power behind all things, the perfect light within.

Barry Long - Love & Truth Trilogy

The Love & Truth Trilogy

In this 3 part interview, 'Living Love' – 'Mystery of Truth' – 'Master of Love', Barry Long condenses the principles of his teaching which, if lived, has the power to bring you to a sublime state of love and truth. Packed with precious insights for the spiritual seeker.

Barry Long – Listening to Life

Listening to Life

'First I'm going to talk about listening. Then I'm going to talk about honesty. That will probably lead us into justice, and no doubt lead us into talking of love and love-making.'

A Public Talk Recorded in London, 31 August 1988



Barry Long – Wild, Wild Life

Wild, Wild Life

A passionate poem interspersed with Barry Long's commentary. Reveals the majesty and vastness of life as the consciousness of the earth.






Barry Long - The Truth of Death

The Truth of Death

‘Physical death is to die into God. Just as space is everywhere here and you can never get away from it, in physical death - where you have no more senses and no more world in you - you are in original space, inner space. And that is God.’
Barry Long died psychologically many years ago, long before the death of his physical body. He realised death as life. As a result, he had the extraordinary authority to convey the idea of death to others. This changes people at the most fundamental level.

The world is a place of complication and fear of death. Inevitably this colours our view of death. Barry Long approaches the subject from the other side, from the transcendental beauty of death, and in doing so he transforms the listener's perception. His message is clear, ‘Everybody wins in the end.’

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The Myth Of Life Series

The Myth Of Life Series

The Myth Of Life Series is a journey through the human psyche which forms our existence. The journey covers the descent into yourself through the stillness of right meditation, self-knowledge through the nature of truth, the fact and truth of death, sexual love, and the divine law or karma. It leads you to knowing, so that you eventually realise or make real, the living truth or the truth of your being.

A complete spiritual teaching, consisting of 'Start Meditating Now’, 'How to Live Joyously’, 'Seeing Through Death’, 'Making Love’, ‘A Prayer for Life’ and 'A Journey In Consciousness' - 9 Mp3


A film telling the story of Barry Long's spiritual realisations
in his own words,
using a montage of archive photographs and filmed interviews.

Release date on 5 April 2014.
Running time: 45 minutes

Barry Long was born dead. Then he breathed and for 32 years made a go of existence - until he really came to life by learning to love. He spent the next 45 years teaching others how to discover the truth of life, love and death for themselves. Towards the end of his days he looked back on the often painful process that ultimately led to an entirely untroubled, enlightened life.


The story is inspiring and challenges common preconceptions about enlightenment, what it means and how it comes about.


The film includes previously unseen footage of Barry as he examines his realisations, speaks about the power of his love for woman, for God and truth, and reveals in simple words and ordinary ways both his genius and his humanity.


This is a visual counterpart to Barry's posthumous autobiography.