Barry Long and John Pearce


Only Fear Dies
Making Love
The Way In
From Here to Reality

Barry Long The Way In

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Why on Earth
Are You Here(mp3)

Barry Long - why on earth are you here?

The Barry Long Bulletin

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Barry Long - The Good DVD

From Here to Reality

Barry Long knew he was dying and so he set down his contribution to us in one last book. This is it:
'From Here to Reality -
My Spiritual Teaching'.
It contains his final word on truth, love and death;
sex, relationships and parenting; and the myth of life on earth.

Available now in bookstores and online worldwide. Can be ordered from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and other online stores.


A film telling the story of Barry Long's spiritual realisations
in his own words,
using a montage of archive photographs and filmed interviews.

Release date on Vimeo.com: 5 April 2014.
Running time: 45 minutes

Barry Long was born dead. Then he breathed and for 32 years made a go of existence - until he really came to life by learning to love. He spent the next 45 years teaching others how to discover the truth of life, love and death for themselves. Towards the end of his days he looked back on the often painful process that ultimately led to an entirely untroubled, enlightened life.


The story is inspiring and challenges common preconceptions about enlightenment, what it means and how it comes about.


The film includes previously unseen footage of Barry as he examines his realisations, speaks about the power of his love for woman, for God and truth, and reveals in simple words and ordinary ways both his genius and his humanity.


This is a visual counterpart to Barry's posthumous autobiography.

Sara Koh

Sara Koh

The Foundation regrets to announce that Sara Koh died on 17 July 2015 after a long illness. Sara was Barry Long's devoted partner and companion towards the end of his life. She served him and his work for almost twenty years. She became the Foundation's chief executive and was a Trustee of The Barry Long Trust. A private person, she did not wish it to be widely known that for the last ten years she had been incapacitated by a crippling disease. Nevertheless we acknowledge now the great support she gave Barry in his life and his teaching, all the work she did on his books, at the Master Sessions and in the background, and above all her real contribution to love on this planet. Those who knew her in her serenity and devotion will know that the love she was remains.

HOW TO STOP THINKING - Let Barry Long help you.
Download Barry's ten lessons to support you in getting control of useless thinking. Newly released as an MP3 Here



Behind Life and Death

Barry Long My Life of Love  and Truth

An amazing journey of individual consciousness through the great cycle of life and death.


The Good - DVD

Barry Long - The Good

Filmed 19 May 1989 at The Victoria Rooms, Bristol, UK.


Divine Warrior

Barry Long - Divine Warrior

Only the divine warrior restores the true wonder of life to the earth.(MP4)


Stop Fighting

Barry Long - Stop Fighting

A new possibility, a way of being which takes the personal affliction out of circumstance.


Loving and Living without Attachment

Barry Long - Loving and Living without Attachment

A set of 6 MP3's previously published on cassette - not available since 2003 (MP3)