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New website to be revealed soon.
New website to be revealed soon

Diving into the depths and mystery of the divine teaching of Barry Long on Love, Life, Truth, God and Death will be easier than ever with the all new, soon to be released

With a new Archive of articles and newly digitised audio and video materials.

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Living Love: The Divine Reunion of Man and Woman

Living Love: The Divine Reunion of Man and Woman
A book on Love, Sex and Relationships

With such a powerful sexual attraction between us, how is it that we make each other unhappy? Barry Long explains why sex corrupts love and how we cripple loving relationships.

What’s the solution? In characteristically forthright manner, Barry Long proposes a new way of romantic love and shows how it can be brought into our lives and partnerships with honesty and courage.

— A master-class in living and loving.


Involution – Back to the Source (3 Day Meeting - February 2002)

Involution – Back to the Source
(3 Day Meeting - February 2002)

'Love is the light, intelligence is the light that passes all understanding and description.'

'The final intelligence is to acknowledge the bounty, the wonder of what I have, and to be grateful for it – to the invisible source of it all.'

In these meetings, Barry speaks of the love, light and intelligence behind the appearance of things in daily living. Starting with a model of involution and evolution, the inner and the outer, Barry goes on to emphasise the importance of gratitude in order to get your life right, and the practice of this every moment. He explains how gratitude to the source every moment stills the mind, and brings about freedom from unhappiness and heaven on earth.


The Myth Of Life Series

The Myth Of Life Series

The Myth Of Life Series is a journey through the human psyche which forms our existence. The journey covers the descent into yourself through the stillness of right meditation, self-knowledge through the nature of truth, the fact and truth of death, sexual love, and the divine law or karma. It leads you to knowing, so that you eventually realise or make real, the living truth or the truth of your being.

A complete spiritual teaching, consisting of 'Start Meditating Now’, 'How to Live Joyously’, 'Seeing Through Death’, 'Making Love’, ‘A Prayer for Life’ and 'A Journey In Consciousness' - 9 Mp3

Barry Long - key to life

A six part video series

A series of videos, previously unpublished, recorded at a three-day meeting on the Gold Coast in May 2001.

'I am not trapped in the body. I am part of life. I have a body that dies but that doesn't bother my knowledge. My knowledge is that I am life. And it is a joy to be life.'

The six videos in this series are now ready for you to download here.


Barry Long - Tamborine Talks

Now serialised as mp3 downloads

These 'Talks from Tamborine Mountain' were originally distributed to the group he had been teaching in the UK before he moved back to Australia - the idea being to stay in contact with them. Later, as Barry Long took his teaching worldwide, the tapes went to many more listeners, becoming a highly valued means of staying in touch with him and his latest reflections of truth.


"This is an actuality broadcast. You are going to hear everything that happens. You are going to be with me as much as it is possible to be here."



A film telling the story of Barry Long's spiritual realisations
in his own words,
using a montage of archive photographs and filmed interviews.

Release date on 5 April 2014.
Running time: 45 minutes

Barry Long was born dead. Then he breathed and for 32 years made a go of existence - until he really came to life by learning to love. He spent the next 45 years teaching others how to discover the truth of life, love and death for themselves. Towards the end of his days he looked back on the often painful process that ultimately led to an entirely untroubled, enlightened life.


The story is inspiring and challenges common preconceptions about enlightenment, what it means and how it comes about.


The film includes previously unseen footage of Barry as he examines his realisations, speaks about the power of his love for woman, for God and truth, and reveals in simple words and ordinary ways both his genius and his humanity.


This is a visual counterpart to Barry's posthumous autobiography.



Transforming Sex into Love

Barry Long - Transforming Sex into Love

MP3 - INDEX...

Loving and Living without Attachment

Barry Long - Loving and Living without Attachment

A set of 6 audio recordings


From Here To Reality

Barry Long - From here to reality

Barry Long's last word on truth, love, living and the great myth of life on earth.



The Vastness Of It All

Barry Long - Divine Warrior

'The Transformation
of Self' The fifth in the downloadable video series...(MP4s)